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LLC for landscaping business

Do I need a business license for lawn care in Alabama?

Alabama. Landscaping contractors must be licensed to work in Alabama. The state license is issued by the Alabama Department of Agriculture, Division of Plant Industries.

Do you need a license to cut grass in Louisiana?

Yard work (cutting lawns, edging and hand-weeding beds) is not regulated by our department and does not require a license.

Do I need a business license for lawn care in Florida?

To run any business you need the proper licensing and certifications. To operate a lawn care business in Florida, you'll need to get a business license from the Florida Department of State Division of Corporations. If you plan to hire staff, you will need to have an Employer Identification Number (EIN).

How do I start a landscaping business in Washington State?

  1. Choose a business trade name.
  2. File a master business application with the Department of Licensing.
  3. Check for further state licensing requirements.
  4. Contact the city and county in which the business will be located and inquire about required business licenses and permits.

What are the most profitable landscaping services?

  • #1. Hydroseeding. Hydroseeding is an inexpensive, efficient alternative to using sod in areas where a living lawn is desired.
  • #2. Interior landscaping.
  • #3. Landscape Architecture Service.
  • #4. Lawn Care.
  • #5. Weeding & Pest Control Service.

How do I get my landscaping license in Alabama?

You may sign up to take the online exams by visiting; once approved, you will receive an approval email from the Alabama Department of Agriculture and Industries.

How much is a business license Alabama?

Alabama. An Alabama business license can cost anywhere from $15 to several hundred dollars, depending on several factors. If your business is based in Alabama, refer to the Alabama Department of Revenue for business license information specific to your business.

Do I need a license to sell plants in Louisiana?

A retail nursery outlet selling nursery stock may operate with a landscape horticulturist license or a nursery stock dealer permit. If they install nursery stock, they are required to have a landscape horticulturist license. 3.

How do you get a Louisiana floral license?

According to the Louisiana Department of Agriculture and Forestry, the requirements to qualify for the Retail Florist License are passing a written exam with a fee of $114 and paying a separate fee of $100 for the license itself.

How do I get my irrigation license in Louisiana?

In Louisiana, an applicant must first pass a state exam and pay a fee to the state. Basic “irrigation for contractors” workshops are scheduled throughout the year, as the need arises, to prepare individuals for taking the licensing exam. For additional information, please click here or call 225.952. 8100.

How much is lawn care license in Florida?

Visit the division's website to complete an application online, or print the forms and submit via postal mail. The required fee is $125, which you can pay with a credit card online or by check if using the mail.

How do you get a landscape license in Florida?

The requirements for a license include a degree in landscape architecture from an accredited institution or six years of professional experience; successful completion of a state examination; and one year of practical experience.

Is landscaping a good business in Florida?

The landscaping services industry in the United States is a $100+ billion industry, and Florida is one of the states with strong year-round demand for lawn care, landscaping, tree trimming/removal, sod installation and other services from both residential and commercial clients statewide.

Is landscaping taxable in Washington?

Landscaping services for public or private utilities Do not collect sales tax on these services.

How do I start a landscaping business from scratch?

  1. Decide on Your Services.
  2. Buy or Rent Equipment.
  3. Define Your Target Market.
  4. Establish Your Prices.
  5. Secure Reliable Transportation.
  6. Apply for a Business License.
  7. Brand Your Company.
  8. Market Your Small Business.

How hard is it to start a landscaping business?

Starting a landscaping business isn't complicated, but it requires the proper tools and equipment to get the job done. Be sure to see what you already own and budget for purchasing tools to start your company. Start small and scale as you get more clients and generate more revenue.

Is owning a landscape company profitable?

The landscaping business is indeed profitable but, it is not simple and easy. It is a highly complicated business and the business owners need to put in a lot of effort to earn more than what they invest.

How do I get clients for my landscaping business?

  1. Build a landscaping referral program.
  2. Invest in time-saving, damage-reducing equipment.
  3. Leverage Facebook and Instagram advertising.
  4. Brand your stuff.
  5. Don't be afraid to go old-school.
  6. Get involved in your community.
  7. Use your landscaping website for lead generation.

Is it a good idea to start a landscaping business?

The landscaping business is booming; and if you live somewhere with a warm climate, you may be able to work nearly year-round. The landscape services industry makes $93 billion in revenue each year and employs more than 1 million people, according to the National Association of Landscape Professionals.

How much is a landscaping license Alabama?

The cost of an annual Horticulture Professional Services Licence is $175.00.

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LLC for landscaping business

Comment by Neil Clough

what's going on guys johnny with blaze grass lawn care in beautiful savannah georgia so today i'm gonna mow this property with the husqvarna w520i battery powered mower okay because i know some of you guys are going to ask awesome now you're here because you want to start a lawn care business in 2021 and i'm here to give you five steps that you need to take now i'm giving you these five steps in the right sequence right so pay attention very carefully now the first thing that i want you to do step number one is choose your business name what choose my business name yes you need to choose a business name that is easy for the customer to remember it's real quick and simple to pronounce name that will stay in the minds of your customers some people like to use their last names jones lawn care brooks lawn care white lawn maintenance you know you have other people that like to use a task oriented name like on time lawn care dependable lawn care we show up lawn care you know that type of stuff and then you have the ones that have that catchy name right turf barbers long doctors grass architect you know what i mean so my thing is choose a name that is easy for the customer to remember and choose a name that you can keep and grow with your business something that's sketchy all right now the reason i asked you to choose a name first is because the next thing that i want you to do is google how to get a business license in your state okay how to get a business license texas how to get a business license washington how to get a business license maryland this way you will know exactly what is required of you in your particular state some states you don't need a business license some state you need a special contractor's license so that's what i want you to do google that and get the number to the location call them and let them know hey mrs or mr such and such i'm thinking of starting a lawn care company in my location what requirements do i need and and just so you know here in my state of georgia all i need is a business license and i paid i want to say about 101 dollars something to that so make sure you do that and be legit okay now once you get your business license the next thing i want you to do is to start researching right again google this you want general liability insurance guys you need to have insurance okay let me tell you i'm the first one to tell you that listen the best way for you to be a good business owner is having insurance one time i busted a window small plate of glass in this luxury location and the window ended up costing my insurance company three thousand five hundred dollars because the the door came from italy the door was imported from italy and they couldn't take the glass out and if i didn't have my insurance i would have had to come out of pocket for that okay so again guys you're out of property mowing grass things happen okay things will happen this is going to happen it happens to the best of us whether you have a mulching kit whatever the case might be it happens guys so please google get general liability insurance and again it depends on what you're doing if you're spraying or whatever the case might be it's something that you really want to do all right now the next thing that you want to do guys step number four is go outside or go into your garage and look at your equipment okay look at what equipment you have and if you have a push mower guys then that is your target customer you know ones with the small lawns if you have a string trimmer and edger that's what you want you want to find small lawns where you can come in push mow them blow and keep it moving don't go out there and spend thousands of dollars under the impression you know buying stuff for for uh accounts that you don't even have okay once you acquire these big accounts then you can purchase the mower for that specific account all right that's the assessed way and and that's encompasses number five which is market your business uh to the equipment that you have guys again do not go out there and pay all this money for this big equipment when it's only going to do x amount of your properties okay just keep that in mind again guys thank you for taking the time to watch my videos hope this was helpful for you have a blessed one pop spoke peaceyou

Thanks for your comment Neil Clough, have a nice day.
- Warner Berlandy, Staff Member

Comment by Douglas

welcome to lawn care tips and tricks my name is blake hawthorne owner of it's a server tonight we'll be talking about the not so fun side of business we're gonna be jumping into the nitty-gritty things on what you should do on the office side and keeping up with your finances making sure that you're running the company the way that you need to and taking care of payroll so guys let's go ahead and let's jump right into it because i know that this is going to be painful but a lot of you need it to make sure that you're doing the right things within your company okay guys so the first thing we're going to talk about is how you should identify yourself within your city or within your state as a business so for a lot of you guys that are just kind of mowing on the evenings or moan on the weekends you're probably operating just underneath your name having your customers either pay you cash or to pay you a check to your personal name well the next step that you need to take within your company to get it established would be to set it up as a dba and so what you're going to do is you're going to go down to the courthouse you're going to set up as whoever you are doing business as whatever you want your lawn business to be even if it's say i'm blake hawthorne doing business as blake hawthorne's lawn maintenance you know i set something up like that within the state to identify and open up a bank account because you have to have the dba filed at the courthouse in order to open up a bank account within a company name the next thing that you're going to look at as you're growing your company is going to be if you're going to be a sole proprietorship or an llc i think as long as you stay you know just a couple employees and yourself and it's like one truck and setup that a sole proprietorship is fine but as you start getting multiple crews multiple employees getting up where you're paying into workers comp and all these taxes and things within the company that you want to look at getting an llc the reason you want to get an llc is so that it actually protects you legally if somebody goes to sue your company if you're filing under a sole proprietorship or a dba and they come and sue you they can not only get what your company has at that time but they can also get anything personal assets that you have as well this is a nice division between your personal and your business to protect you legally and then as you grow your company and you decide that hey i'm i'm ready to take the leap i'm ready to go on payroll i understand it's going to hit me on taxes but i'm gonna have other benefits from doing it that's when you will look at doing an escort so once you put yourself on payroll and you're paying those taxes on yourself is when you file as an escort that's the steps that i'm taking within my company right now because i'm not i'm done pouring all my profits into growing my company i'm very comfortable with where i'm at and i want to expand on it and i have some benefits for myself and my family by putting myself on payroll and not just taking an owner's draw like i have for the last several years so that's the three things that i would look at is what genre do you fall into as a business owner are you just starting out once you get i would say above two employees i would go from the s corp and start looking into an llc to protect yourself and then once you get it built to a point where you're not just taking an owner's draw and you're actually going to be going on to payroll which will help you a lot more with your finances that's when i would start to look at going in as an s corp company okay guys the next thing that we're going to be looking at is a debate between do i pay my employees 10.99 or do i put them on payroll and i feel like this is a gray area that a lot of people try to dance so for those of you that have been keeping up with us over the past year you know that part of our 200 000 loss we faced in the 2017-2018 range was part of that was a 21 000 workforce labor audit and so what this meant is that the workforce labor audited me they came in went through all of my payroll they looked and saw who was being paid as an employee who was being paid as a subcontractor and then they figured out if they were being paid as a subcontractor if they actually fell under the umbrella of what a subcontractor is or if they were being treated more like an employee things that they looked at were are they using their own tools are they clocking in and out are they choosing their own schedule we found out that even though some of the guys were using some of their own tools they were still coming out to a job site and working in x amount of hours and they weren't getting paid by the job or by the foot but they really fell underneath what they consider an employee and so at that time they audited all of our payroll and we had to pay a 21 000 fine which was matching x amount of their payroll each and every year and then paying that back to the unemployment office and so guys make sure that if you have guys that are truly employees showing up working with you every day using your tools and equipment using your trucks and equipment go ahead and just do the right thing focus on what you need to as a company and put them on payroll it's going to put you leaps and bounds ahead especially the one thing that did save me was the fact that we had already switched to payroll we had already got all of these things in line so they came in and audited us they saw that for the last year or so that we had already been doing the right things and so they had a little bit of grace with us in our company because i didn't learn until i switched accountants about the gray area that we were in that was really black and white and so when the workforce labor came in they saw it as black and white and everything that didn't reach their standards we got penalized for so guys once you've started your company you know what you're going to be you know an s corp a sole proprietor an llc whatever it is then you know the type of employees you're going to have if you're going to be subcontracting a lot of this work out to other companies and other individuals or if you're going to bring guys in house to use them as your own employees the next thing you're going to be looking at is your taxes how can you keep up with your books and your taxes to make sure at the end of the year if you need to make an investment you make that investment to keep from paying in a bunch of taxes or that you have the money set aside to pay the taxes that you need to pay and so guys what i want to talk to you about is what i did for a long time before i got quickbooks and was tracking everything is i would literally just take my bank statements or i would take all my receipts and i would keep these things organized and so i created an excel sheet that had all of my expenses things like our rent things like our utility bill our phone bills our internet that we were using for our billing and our company fuel receipts food receipts food when i would take clients out and then food if i would you know do like a cat

Thanks Douglas your participation is very much appreciated
- Warner Berlandy

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