LLC name change illinois cook [Expert Answers]

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LLC name change illinois cook

Can you change the name of your LLC in Illinois?

A name-change amendment may be filed online and will be processed within the time frame chosen by the filer. Non-expedited service will be reviewed within 10 days of submission. Expedited service submissions will be reviewed for compliance within 24 hours (excluding weekends and holidays).

How much does it cost to change the name of an LLC in Illinois?

How much does an Illinois LLC amendment cost? The filing fee for Articles of Amendment is $50 for standard processing. If you need it expedited, add an additional $100.

Does Illinois require LLC in business name?

The name of the company must contain the words Limited Liability Company or the abbreviations L.L.C. or LLC, and cannot contain the terms Corporation, Corp., Incorporated, Inc., Ltd., Co., Limited Partnership or L.P.

How do I change my business name in Illinois?


How hard is it to change your name?

Depending on where you live, your legal name change process could be as easy as filling out an online form, or as intensive as attending a formal hearing and getting fingerprinted by the FBI. You'll also need to pay a filing fee, which could cost anywhere from $50 in Hawaii to $450 in California.

How do I sell my LLC in Illinois?

File proper change of ownership paperwork in Illinois If you sell your entire LLC, paperwork must be filed with the Secretary of State using form CBS-1 within 10 days of the sale. Partial ownership transfers will be recorded on the LLC's next annual report.

How long does it take for an LLC to be approved in Illinois?

Illinois LLC Approval Times Mail filings: In total, mail filing approvals for Illinois LLCs take 3-4 weeks. This accounts for the 10-15 business day processing time, plus the time your documents are in the mail. Online filings: In total, online filing approvals for Illinois LLCs take 7-10 business days.

How much is it to start a LLC in Illinois?

Cost to Set Up an LLC in Illinois The filing fee to create a domestic LLC in Illinois is $150. The cost to file a foreign LLC in Illinois is the same as a domestic LLC, $150. After setting up your LLC, you will then need to pay an annual filing fee of $75.

How much does an LLC cost?

You can file the LLC filing documents online, by mail, or in-person when visiting the local SOS office. The filing costs usually vary from $50 to $150 which is a single-time fee. If you plan to form your company in another state, then you might have to provide additional documentation and pay a higher formation fee.

What is the difference between a business name and an assumed name?

A legal name is the official name of a person or business in government records. Any other name used for business purposes is an assumed name. Assumed names are also known as: Fictitious names.

Can an LLC have employees?

A limited liability company (LLC) is a business structure that, depending on various factors, may be treated as either a corporation, a partnership, or sole owner business. Owners of an LLC are called members, which can be corporations, individuals, and even other LLCs. An LLC can have an unlimited number of employees.

Do I need a DBA in Illinois?

Under Illinois law, all businesses are required to register alternative trade names by filing for a DBA if the business seeks to operate under a different name than the name used when it was formed. In the case of a sole proprietorship, any name different than the owner's legal name requires registration.

How do I legally change my name in Cook County IL?

Any person who has been a resident of the State of Illinois for six months and is a resident of Cook County may petition the court for a change of name. The person filing the Petition for Change of Name may also add requests to change the name(s) of a spouse, adult unmarried children and minor children.

How do I change the address of my LLC in Illinois?

  1. electronically through MyTax Illinois,
  2. by calling us at 217-785-3707,
  3. by email at, or.
  4. at one of our offices.

How do I change my name on the Articles of Incorporation?

To change the name of your LLC or corporation, you will need to file “Articles of Amendment” with your state. Once approved, you can start operating under the new name.

Does changing your name affect anything?

You probably expect to need to update your Social Security information and your credit cards, but there are plenty of other people who need to know about your new name as well. "A name change can have an impact on your taxes. All the names on your tax return must match Social Security Administration records.

Who do I have to notify when I change my name?

The police: If you have a criminal record the police will also need to be notified of your new name. Insurance providers, utility companies, local councils and the electoral roll should also be notified of any change.

What is a good reason to change your name?

Change your name after you have been divorced; Change your name to honor your heritage, ethnicity or for religious reasons; and. Change your name to honor a step-parent or other person that has been special in your life; and, Create a new last name for both you and your spouse by hyphenating your surnames.

Can you gift a business to a family member?

Can a business be transferred to another person? Yes, a business can be transferred to another person, by sale, reapportionment of multiowner businesses or lease-purchase. A business owner can also transfer a business to a person through gradual cash gifts or by bequeathing the business.

Can an LLC own another LLC?

As for the legality of ownership, an LLC is allowed to be an owner of another LLC. LLC owners are known as “members.” LLC laws don't place many restrictions on who can be an LLC member. LLC members can therefore be individuals or business entities such as corporations or other LLCs.

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LLC name change illinois cook

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Oh this is a recorded webinar for Illinois my name is Peggy Johnson with teller technologies the Illinois efiling site is a secured site it starts out HTTP colon forward slash forward slash Illinois Tylar forward slash OFS web I have it in blue at the top left hand in my address bar of the Internet Explorer browser that I'm currently using however you can access this e-filing site using any of your internet browsers Mozilla Firefox Google Chrome if you're on a Mac you could use Safari also your iPhone's and your tablets can access this e-filing site when you see the Odyssey fall Illinois before you sign in or register you will see court information Thursday scroll bar to the right please look through this and see if there's anything here that might be affecting your filing under self-help if you click on need help this will allow you to get help when you need it this is a self-service support type your question or search term here and that long rectangular box and then click on the magnifying glass at the far right you have choices of articles or of even a video this will walk you through setting up your payment accounts also lets you know how to add an a cheque credit card and how to also add a waiver and to edit the payment account name once you've created it if I click on how do I add a payment account to the system this will give me step-by-step directions as well as screenshots on how to add my payment account you will see this all through the self-service support help when you need it so please take advantage of this area it's a great resource under Quick Links you can bookmark it you could make a suggestion we have a filing tips articles user guides videos if you click on frequently asked questions we have compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions that we get as tech support so look through here chances are what you are asking about might be addressed right here you could just simply click on that question and you will get an article telling you what it is that you're needing this one also has the screenshots to show you step-by-step on how to this one is searching for an existing case if you do need help let's say tech support under Quick Links contact us is listed when you click on contact us we have listed three ways to reach out for tech support although we would like to help in every situation there are times when you will need to contact the court you are filing in - for more information we have two categories listed here one under tech support one under courts so you can look through this and see when it's appropriate to contact the court and when it's most appropriate to reach out for technical support if you do need technical support the three ways to reach us are by email you click on e filing got support at Tyler tech comm and your email will be responded to within 24 hours our office hours are Monday through Friday between 7 a.m. and 9 p.m. Central Standard Time if we receive your email after 9 p.m. or a weekend or holiday you will get a reply to your email the following business day if it's during business hours you can get immediate assistance by clicking here to chat with us and one of our trained specialists will be on the other end to help you or you can also give us a call during office hours that phone number is 1-877-443-6276 and then if you want to sign up for a webinar with a person like a live webinar you can click on the web training sessions we have training videos here as well and the user guides are here also we have the shared share your screen with go to assist this allows a representative to come onto your computer screen and help you out with any technical issues you might be having as far as accessing the odyssey e-file illinois site let's go over to the left under actions you will want to register if you haven't already I'm going to be registering a firm account today so I'm going to put in my name if you are a solo practitioner attorney you can also register for a firm account click on password and create your password it should be at least 8 characters with at least one lowercase one uppercase and put in a number or a special character security question this should be a simple question that can only be answered by you you can put your high school mascot for example you could also put in your pet's name your mother's maiden name whatever you choose and then put in your answer click on the lower right for next the next screen is our is your registration options as I said I'm going to be registering for a firm account today so I would click on that round circle there this is perfect for you if you are an attorney in a law firm or if you're an affirm with multiple filers or if you are a solo attorney practitioner with no one else but yourself you still want to be a firm account to the right of that register for a self represented account is perfect for you if you are a pro se filer process server landlord or tenant before you register for a firm account please check with your firm to ensure an account has not already been created if your firm has already been created then you want to ask your firm administrator to add you to the firm when you click on firm name this will populate this is to prevent a solo practitioner attorney from I'm sorry this is to prevent a pro se filer someone who is not an attorney or in a firm account from registering and correctly so click on done the same thing applies if you register for a self represented account as I will demonstrate this pop up will let you know if you are an attorney you will want to make sure you are registering for a firm account this is to make sure that a solo practitioner attorney is not registering incorrectly so you want to put in your firm's address here it can be a physical address or a post-office box either one is fine and then put in your city and then for state if you do the drop down you can type in I ll and jump right down to Illinois anything outlined in red is a mandatory field when it turns blue that means you've satisfied that field put in your phone number of the firm and then click on the lower right for next this is your Odyssey file and serve usage agreement there's a scroll bar to the far right go ahead and read through here and click on I agree create my account you will then get a rectangular box that says congratulations you have successfully registered it gives your email address that you registered with and then it lets you know that a verification email has been sent to you you want to click on the link inside your email to complete the verification process please look carefully at that email address that you registered and make sure that is a good email for you so after you go to your email inbox and you activate your account through the email that is waiting for you it will direct you back to the Odyssey e-file Illinois or you can sign in sign in of course with your email and the password you created and this brings you to your filer dashboard the first thing a firm administrator would want to do is set up the firm account click on action the firm admin is slightly grayed out below that you'll

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hi everyone i'm attorney aidan durham with 180 law co in colorado and welcome back to all up in your business in this episode of all up in your business i'm going to explain how you can go about changing the name of your business but first don't forget to like subscribe and share and check the description for links to additional information and resources and i have a really exciting announcement we have merch now that's right now you can show off your love of trademarks and support your favorite youtube lawyer with exclusive products from our inherently distinctive line i am rocking the inherently distinctive flowy women's tank complete with rocky logo on the back of course or turn heads with our classic all up in your business line featuring our auiyb mascot rocky what can be better than rocky's face on your face or rocky's ugly mug on your mug i mean come on scroll down or check the merchandise tab on my channel page to check it all out and start shopping okay now on to changing your business name there are a lot of reasons you might want to change the name of your business maybe you've grown tired of your business name or you've changed the types of products or services that you offer and your business name no longer you know really reflects what you're doing or maybe you didn't do a thorough enough search before you started your business and now you find yourself in some kind of a trademark infringement issue or maybe you're like me and you named your business after yourself then got divorced and now you want to change your business name from the law office of aiden h kramer to 180 law co whatever the case may be for a lot of small businesses there will come a time when you decide it's best to change the name of your business first word of warning as with most things having to do with your business every state is different the rules and procedures for changing a business name will at least be slightly different in each state and states use different terminology the names of forms and terminology used in the forms will be different so just know that the stuff i'm talking about is generally true for all businesses but the specific details and process may look different for you if you're operating as a sole proprietor this is usually a very easy thing to do let's say you're a sole proprietor so you're running a business on your own and have not registered as an llc or a corporation and you've been doing business under your legal name if you want to change that and do business under a different name or brand it's really just a matter of filing a trade name or dba registration for the sole proprietorship you would do this by filing the appropriate form with the secretary of state's office in your state in colorado this form is called a statement of trade name but like i said other states will call it something else or let's say you are already operating under a dba or a trade name that's not your legal name if you decide you want to do business under a different name again it's really just a matter of registering that new dba or trade name so just like with the first example you would file a statement of trade name or whatever the form is called in your state the only difference here is that you will then want to withdraw the previous trade name or dba registration the process is pretty similar if you have an llc or a corporation and you're operating under a dba or trade name llcs and corporations are permitted to operate under a name which is different from the name of the llc or the corporation just like with sole proprietors the llc or corporation would file a statement of trade name to register the dba then if you want to later change that you would file another statement of trade name to register the new dba then withdraw the previous registration you can use this same approach if the llc or corporation is not currently under operating under a dba if you want to change the name that your business is operating under or your business's brand you can do so by registering the dba or trade name of the llc a few important things to note here first it's important to understand the difference between the entity's name and a dba or trade name a dba does not actually change the name of the entity itself a dba means doing business as so it quite literally means that the company is doing business as a different name an llc or corporation can have multiple dvr dba registrations it's not like you're limited to just one so when i say that a company can change its business name by registering a different dba or trade name i really mean that you can change the name that you're doing business under but you're not actually changing the name of your business second the forms that you'll use may be different if you're registering a dba for an entity versus registering it for a sole proprietorship in colorado for example we would use the statement of trade name of an individual form for a sole proprietor and the statement of trade name of a reporting entity for an llc or corporation again the specific forms are going to be different in every state the process is a little different if you're operating as an llc or corporation and want to actually change the name of the entity itself i mean actually changing the registered name of the llc or corporation not changing or adopting a new dba or trade name first we need to check the company's operating agreement or bylaws to see if there are any specific requirements or instructions or anything related to changing the company's name for example many llc operating agreements will require that the members consent to the name change if your company's operating agreement or bylaws address it then you need to do whatever they say most often they'll say something like the company may conduct business under any name which the members determine and there will be some kind of requirement for either a majority or a unanimous unanimous vote if that's the case then it is important to document that vote so you can easily demonstrate that you have complied with the operating agreement this is typically accomplished with meeting minutes or a written consent in lieu of a meeting even if your llc's operating agreement or corporate bylaws don't address the name issue your state's laws most likely do every state will require some form of consent by the businesses owners or officers in order to change the business's name check the description by the way i am going to link to a sample written consent in lieu of a meeting so you guys can get a better sense of what that is so once we've got the consent portion out of the way we can actually get to changing the name we'll typically do this by amending the llc's articles of organization or the corporations articles of or incorporation this by the way is why the states require consent to change a business name we're not just changing a name we're changing the company's formative document which governs the entire existence of the company in colorado we would file amended or amended and restated articles of organization with the secretary of state to change the name of an llc again th

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