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LLC name your us representative florida

Can I be my own registered agent in Florida?

Can I Be My Own Registered Agent for a Florida LLC? Yes, the Florida Division of Corporations does allow an individual in an LLC to act as the Registered Agent for the business.

Do I need a registered agent for my LLC in Florida?

Florida requires a registered agent and a registered office for every corporation, limited liability company (LLC), and limited partnership that is either organized in Florida (a domestic entity) or organized in another state, territory, or country and that conducts business in Florida (a foreign entity).

Who is the US representative for Miami Florida?

Carlos Antonio Gimenez proudly represents the people of Florida's 26th congressional district, encompassing all of Monroe County and the southwest portion of Miami-Dade County.

Who is the US representative now?

U.S. Representative Jimmy Gomez Proudly Serving California's 34th District.

Who is the US representative for Broward County Florida?

Congresswoman Lois Frankel | Florida's 21st District.

What is the difference between an authorized member and a manager in an LLC?

What is the difference between a "member" and a "manager" of an LLC? A member is an owner of the LLC and is similar to a stockholder of a corporation. A manager is a person chosen by the members to manage the LLC and is similar to a director of a corporation.

How long does it take for an LLC to be approved in Florida?

Florida LLC Approval Times Mail filings: In total, mail filing approvals for Florida LLCs take 3-4 weeks. This accounts for the 5-7 business day processing time, plus the time your documents are in the mail. Online filings: In total, online filing approvals for Florida LLCs take 1-2 business days.

How do I add a member to my LLC in Florida?

  1. Drafting an amendment to add a new member.
  2. Holding a meeting with all LLC members.
  3. Voting to adopt the amendment.
  4. Updating your operating agreement (only if members vote to adopt the amendment)

Is the manager of an LLC the owner?

A limited liability company (LLC) managing member is both an LLC owner and someone who keeps the business running on a day-to-day basis. The managerial aspect generally includes having the authority to make decisions and enter into contracts on behalf of the business.

What does it mean to be a registered agent in Florida?

What Is A Registered Agent In Florida? Any individual or business entity who is a resident of Florida or a company working in Florida, who agrees to accept and attend all the legal notices like tax notifications, to receive all legal documents as lawsuit papers, etc.

How long does it take Sunbiz to approve LLC?

This depends on how you filed. If your Articles of Organization were submitted and paid for online, they will usually be processed within two to three business days. Submissions and payments made by mail will take three to five business days to be processed.

Where is representative Salazar from?

Salazar was born in Miami's Little Havana neighborhood, the daughter of Cuban exiles. She grew up bilingual, speaking both Spanish and English. She spent part of her childhood in Puerto Rico. Salazar studied at the Deerborne School of Coral Gables and graduated from Miami Dade College.

What nationality is Val Demings?

Val Demings

Who does a U.S. Senator represent?

Members of the U.S. House of Representatives each represent a portion of their state known as a Congressional District, which averages 700,000 people. Senators however, represent the entire state.

How do you address a US representative?

What is the proper form of address when I write my elected representative? There are several correct forms of address for a member of Congress including "The Honorable" and "Representative".

How many years does a representative serve?

Representatives serve 2-year terms. Read up on the relationship between the two chambers with these essays by the Senate Historian's Office.

Why do some states have more representatives?

The number of U.S. Representatives for each state depends on the population. Some states have more representatives because they have more people. If the state has a large population, there are more representatives. For example, Texas has a large population.

How many US Reps Does Florida have?

Florida's current congressional delegation in the 117th Congress consists of its two senators, both of whom are Republicans, and its 26 representatives: 16 Republicans, 9 Democrats and 2 vacancies. Starting in the 2022 midterms, per the 2020 United States census, Florida will gain one new congressional seat.

Who is one of your state's US Senators now Florida?

Rick Scott (R) Florida became the 27th state to join the Union on March 3, 1845.

Where is Sheila Cherfilus from?

Cherfilus-McCormick was born in the Brooklyn borough of New York City, to parents from Haiti and raised in the borough of Queens. She moved to Florida at 13 to attend high school. She earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in political science and government from Howard University and a Juris Doctor from the St.

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LLC name your us representative florida

Comment by Jaymie Froeschle

welcome to the LLC name research video there are a few things to keep in mind when selecting your LLC name your desired LLC name must be distinguishable and cannot be too similar to the names of existing organized entities there are also certain restrictions and requirements to keep in mind regarding the use of certain words and abbreviations suffixes and different business types do not constitute a difference for example the name business enterprises LLC would not be available for use if there was an active corporation filed under the name business enterprises incorporated the singular plural and possessive forms of a word are considered the same and spaces and punctuation do not constitute a difference inserting the words and the and we're using the ampersand symbol do not constitute a difference either for example umbrellas LLC and umbrella incorporated and the umbrella limited are considered the same and are not distinguishable from one another neither are the names apple orange LLC apples and oranges LLC and apple and orange limited the word Florida the abbreviation FL or the words of Florida at the end of the name do not constitute a difference either for example PGM logistics LLC would not be available for use if there was an active LLC with the name PGM Logistics of Florida LLC your LLC name will be available for use if there are no other names like it you will also need to pay attention to the status of existing registered names in the search results as some are available for use and some are not names with an inactive or enact status are available for use these are prior business names which have since expired and are now available to new businesses names with the act act or inactive /un for inactive and unavailable are not available for use active names are currently registered business names and an inactive and unavailable name is not yet available for new businesses to use we will go into detail through our examples in our online search since an LLC is not a corporation you cannot use the words incorporated or corporation or an abbreviation of either such as ink or Corp your LLC name must end with the words limited the liability company or the abbreviations LLC dot or LLC the abbreviation LLC is the most common if your LLC will be used in conducting business with others you may want to make it easy to remember easy to spell and something remarkable we also recommend thinking of an alternative name now in case you find yours is unavailable example your desired LLC name is speedy delivery services LLC and an alternative would be quick delivery LLC or at your door quick LLC keep in mind that if after you submit your articles of organization which is discussed in lesson 2 and it is discovered that your name is not available for use the division of corporations will send back your filing with details on what needs to be changed there are no additional costs associated with this we are now ready to search your desired LLC name against all of the registered entities in florida the link below this video will take you to the state's online database let's head over to the state's website this is what the search page will look like if for any reason the link below this video did not work please go to WWN biz org once on the homepage scroll down and on the left click search our records underneath corporations trademarks limited partnerships and limited liability companies click the first link which is inquire by name for a first example we will use bagels with LOX LLC I'm now going to type bagels with LOX into the search bar and then click search now capitalization is not important and don't enter the suffix such as limited liability company or the letters LLC you can just enter the first part once the search results are displayed you have to look through the alphabetical list and find the LLC name here you can see bagels with LOX LLC and if you scroll over to the right under status this is active that means that this is a registered business and I cannot use that name for my LLC remember if you see the status active AC T inactive /un which is in active and unavailable or you see named HS any of those names will not be available for use I'm now going to click the back button and let's try another search for this example I'm going to use the ride Adventures LLC I've entered the words the ride Adventures and I'm going to click search now you'll see here in research results that the first one that came up was ride Adventures LLC and if I look under status this is an active registered business although my desired name was the ride adventures LLC there's already a business with the name ride Adventures LLC remember the words the N a + + / sound or space don't constitute a difference in this example I cannot use this name I'm going to hit the back button again and we'll do another example for this example I'm going to go with a name Ships cafe of Florida I've entered the words and I'm now going to click search now sometimes you'll need to scroll through the list in order to see whether or not there is a similar name since I typed in ships cafe I'm realizing that the first results are a little bit ahead in alphabetical order I'm going to scroll down and click previous list and I'm gonna scroll down to the bottom you'll see at the bottom here I found ships cafe LLC and although I wanted the name ships cafe of Florida LLC using the word Florida the abbreviation FL or the words of Florida does not constitute a difference and in this case because this business is active I cannot use this name let's go back to the search screen and do another example for this example the desired LLC name is consulting across borders I've entered the desire name and will click search now for this example you'll see that we've come across consulting across borders Incorporated however if you look to the right hand side this name is inactive which means it's available for use the status in act or inactive means that the name has expired and is now available for new businesses if this were my LLC name of choice I could now move forward onto the next step which is the articles of organization let's do one more example let's go with the name byah Management LLC I've typed in the words by a management and I'm going to click search now as I scroll through this list I realize that there are no other existing businesses with even the word bhaiyya let alone by a management or something similar for this example I could move forward with the name by a management LLC if you have specific questions regarding your LLC's name availability you can call the division of corporations directly at eight five zero two four five six zero five one once you have found a name that either no one else has registered or a name that has an inactive status you're ready to move forward onto the next step please see lesson 2 for instructions on how to file the articles of organization this now concludes the name research video

Thanks for your comment Jaymie Froeschle, have a nice day.
- Toby Orison, Staff Member

Comment by Joaquin

the U.S House of Representatives has never been less representative when Congress first met in 1789 there were 59 representatives in the House of Representatives and on average each of those 59 represented around 34 000 people in the following decades American voters often got to choose multiple candidates to represent them in the house and either at large elections or in multi-member districts and then there were two notable laws that made the house way less representative first the apportionment Act of 1842 basically said there had to be congressional districts each with only one representative later the permanent apportionment Act of 1929 capped the number of representatives in the house to 435 members no matter how big the population of the United States ever gets today each U.S House member represents on average approximately 759 000 people

Thanks Joaquin your participation is very much appreciated
- Toby Orison

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