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LLC student organizations tamu


Living Learning Communities (LLCs) are residential clusters of students living in specific halls, who share academic or common interests. Residents benefit from additional resources, support, and enhanced activities centered around a specific focus to elevate their Aggie experience.

What are some clubs and organizations at Texas A&M?

  • Collegiate Panhellenic Council. Greek students at Texas A&M embody the Aggie Spirit and exemplify the qualities of being a true Aggie, and our Panhellenic women definitely deliver.
  • Interfraternity Council.
  • Multicultural Greek Council.
  • National Pan-Hellenic Council.

Are student organizations tax exempt TAMU?

Student Organizations do not fall under the University's sales tax exemption. Departments should not pay for an organization's purchases. Student organizations should pay sales tax unless they have their own exemption from the State of Texas.

How many student organizations does Texas A&M have?

Texas A&M is home to more than 1000 student organizations, meaning there are more than 1000 opportunities for you to find other Aggies who share your interests and passions, whether they be in fraternity and sorority life, student government or community service.

Is Living Learning Community worth it?

Studies suggest that students who participate in Learning Communities, in whatever form, are often more engaged and satisfied with their college experience and are more likely to stay in school. (Obviously, for most of us, these are important goals for our college students.)

What is the best dorm at A&M?

Haas Hall exterior. Haas Hall is one of the most popular freshman dorms on TAMU's campus. It's located on the Northside, away from the hubbub of campus, but it has a social vibe while still providing a quieter, calmer living environment.

What is an Aggie sweetheart?

A women's organization that promotes leadership, sisterhood, spirit, service, and community outreach.

What is the GPA requirement for Texas A&M?

Undergraduate students who meet the following general admission requirements at the time of application are assured admission to A&M-Central Texas: Minimum 2.0 cumulative transfer GPA on a 4.0 scale; Minimum 30 academic, college-level transferable semester hours.

What are clubs called in college?

Student clubs/organizations are composed of students with like-minded interests who come together for a common purpose and to support a particular cause. There are recreational, educational, political, cultural, religious, and many other clubs/organizations that COD students are eligible to join.

What are the Aggie Belles?

Aggie Belles is a women's organization that unites and develops female leaders across campus through service opportunities, philanthropy and social events.

What is Texas A&M known for?

Texas A&M is a land-grant, sea-grant, and space-grant university known for its programs in engineering, technology, and agriculture.

Why should I join an LLC in college?

Why should I live in an LLC? All LLCs provide an experience for students to develop skills that can support their broader success at the university. You should anticipate being active in your LLC through different events and discussions offered throughout your time residing with us.

Why is living in an LLC good?

An LLC's simple and adaptable business structure is perfect for many small businesses. While both corporations and LLCs offer their owners limited personal liability, owners of an LLC can also take advantage of LLC tax benefits, management flexibility and minimal recordkeeping and reporting requirements.

What does LLC mean in college?

California State University, Northridge offers several living and learning communities (LLCs) from which to choose. In the LLCs, participants are drawn from a specific recognized major, academic program or college on campus.

Is it cheaper to live on or off campus at Texas A&M?

At Texas A & M University-Commerce, living off-campus is less affordable than living on-campus. The average cost living of on-campus is 0 and the the average cost for living off-campus is 4157.

Where do most Texas A&M students live?

Texas A&M University has a total undergraduate enrollment of 56,723 (fall 2021), with a gender distribution of 53% male students and 47% female students. At this school, 22% of the students live in college-owned, -operated or -affiliated housing and 78% of students live off campus.

Are there coed dorms at A&M?

Les Appelt Hall was built in 1989 and is located on the south side of campus. On-campus housing is one of the many aspects of Texas A&M that has changed over the years. What was originally an all male campus, Texas A&M is now down to only one all-male residence hall.

How much does an Aggie Ring cost?

Ordering an Aggie Ring: All of the information from pricing (Men's start around $1000 and women's are around$600 – new pricing will be available for the next ordering period) to the history of the ring, can be found on the Association of Former Students web page .

What if you lose your Aggie Ring?

If your Aggie Ring is lost or stolen, a replacement Ring may be ordered. One replacement Aggie Ring may be ordered for deceased former students. The order must match the order on file with The Association. The order must be placed by the deceased's parent, spouse, child, or sibling.

Who can wear an Aggie Ring?

To be eligible to order an Aggie Ring as an undergraduate or professional school student, you must have: 90 total completed undergraduate or professional hours. 45 completed institution undergraduate or professional hours. 2.0 minimum cumulative GPR.

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LLC student organizations tamu

Comment by Eloisa Gang

excel is a first-year mentoring organization that welcomes incoming black and african-american freshmen it stands for excellence uniting culture education and leadership there's the mentees themselves who are the incoming freshmen and then you have the mentors who are there to guide them in case they have any questions or they need to know what classes to take we try to sort them into families based on similar interests sometimes based on major or hometown and then you have the executive staff who oversees the mentors so they have lots of resources within the university the excel conference is an all-day experience for the incoming freshmen to come and meet their mentors meet the other freshmen who are going to be their classmates for the next four years and meet the guest speakers the keynote speakers and people who are running the workshops they learn a shuffle they get to look at other orgs on campus when you come to a university like a m where you can look around and not really see as many people who look like you when they see that there's a space for them that has been carved out just for them people feel more welcomed i came to a m knowing really one upperclassman and he was like oh you're going to go ahead and sign up for the excel it's like literally a big group of minority students that come together you have so many people you can call on to like help you since conference we've kept in touch with each other real close friends with these people to this day and they check up on us make sure we're going to class and they like really put an effort be there for us one of my excel sisters is one of my best friends to this day and like i still talk to her every day about all the same classes and it was perfect excel was a blessing to me because of those people but those people also helped me find other organizations on this campus i would have never found out there was a dentistry society on campus had i not like flat out said oh yeah i want to be dentists where can i find stuff around campus to help me out with that it's almost like a butterfly effect is how xl changes you and the people in excel change you you can go out and make that same difference opened me up to that tradition and history piece that i think is so rich at texas a m you meet people who are bringing their kids here and you meet them and they talk about all the things that they did in excel when they were freshmen and it just makes it so easy to kind of own that history and grab onto it and really want to be a part of it

Thanks for your comment Eloisa Gang, have a nice day.
- Andera Kicker, Staff Member

Comment by Hilton

howdy welcome to how to take a student group abroad presentation provided by the Texas A&M study abroad programs office in this presentation you will receive information about planning an international trip as a student leader for your Texas A&M organization over the course of this presentation you will learn about the following what classifies a trip as a student group abroad the process of registering your student group for a trip abroad and the student activities requirements for your organization to go abroad a student group abroad is a group of Texas A&M students from a recognized student organization traveling internationally student organizations traveling abroad participate in various experiences such as volunteering research or may attend conferences events or other competitions together this type of study abroad program is typically led by a student organization leader participants are usually part of the student organization that is going abroad the group may or may not have a faculty or staff advisor accompanying them student groups typically go abroad for one to two weeks during a school break for example winter break Spring Break or shortly after final exams in May student groups can choose from a variety of destinations prior to selecting a location check the Texas A&M truck travel advisory list if your group desired destination is on the list additional approval will be required you will be contacted by the Study Abroad programs office with additional details please note this approval process can take several weeks it's of taking your student organization abroad include exposing your members to different cultural practices engaging in hands-on learning experiences and the chance to immerse yourself in another culture as a student leader you would provide your organization with the chance to impact people around the world a platform for your members to make long lasting relationships and to build teamwork and trust within your organization you have decided to take your student organization abroad but don't know where to start about six months prior to student organization departing on their trip you as a student leader should start planning make sure to talk to your organization's advisor and other officers prior to making a decision to go abroad you will need approval from your faculty or staff advisor and support from officers to recruit participants and coordinate program details the study abroad portal group registration should be started by the student leader of the organization at least four months prior to departure all items should then be completed no later than one month prior to departure the registration entails filling out information about your planned trip abroad as well as providing a list of all participants the study abroad portal individual student applications should be completed by each student attending the trip one to two months prior to departure the Student Activities Maroon link event form should be completed by the student leader of the organization one to two months prior to departure as well the pre event planning form is found on the maroon linked a mui d u-- website the form notifies the Student Activities Office that your organization is taking the trip abroad when planning a student group trip as a student leader you will need to consider the logistics of the trip the study abroad programs office can provide advice and recommendations upon request however it is expected that the student group trip leader will coordinate or assist in coordinating the following student group trip locations and dates number of participants and support staff needed transportation to and from the destination as well as in country arrangements including lodging accommodations transportation and cultural or educational activities in most cases student organizations partner with a non-profit or other third party entity located in the US or in the destination country that coordinates many of the on ground logistics for the organization for more information on recommended providers please contact the study abroad programs office prior to departure trip leaders must attend an in-person trip leader briefing to discuss important items related to leading a group abroad including health and safety all student group trip leaders and participants are enrolled in health health and medical coverage with cultural insurance services international or CI si they provide 24/7 assistance for Texas A&M students abroad should your group or an individual encounter an emergency situation the study abroad programs office also offers 24/7 emergency support more information regarding CI si and assistance from the study abroad programs office will be provided prior to your group's departure financial aid can only be awarded for students participating in credit-bearing programs sense student groups are almost all non-credit bearing experiences it is likely that scholarships and financial aid are not available however many student groups are able to successfully fundraise and/or seek support from their department or college to help alleviate the expense of their international experience regardless it will be important to have a clear budget to share with any prospective participants to ensure they understand the full cost of the student group trip work with your advisor and fellow officers to determine international opportunities and/or destinations that align with your organization's mission and goals reach out to partner organizations for assistance and/or the study abroad programs office to identify third-party providers that could help with in-country logistics and coordination of activities four to six months prior to taking your student group abroad head to the online study abroad portal to begin the student group abroad registration the registration will entail filling out information about your planned trip abroad once you begin your registration on the study abroad portal you will be contacted by a study abroad advisor who will verify the name of your organization as well as set up an application for your individual group members all student participants must fill out the individual registration prior to departure all trip leaders must attend an in-person trip leader briefing to learn important health and safety information and guidance for what to do in the event of an emergency trip leaders should be meeting with their trip participants to prepare them for their time abroad this will include reviewing the health and safety pre-departure materials in the study abroad portal and providing additional resources about the international destination additionally trip leaders must ensure that all participants are registering in the study abroad portal one to two months prior to your student organizations departure you must complete the pre event planning form found on the maroon link website the pre event planning forum notifies the Student Activities Office that your organization is taking a trip abroad your student group registration application should be finished and include information such as the list of part

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