Lbct LLC container tracking [Glossary]

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Lbct LLC container tracking

What is LBCT?

© 2022 LBCT, Long Beach Container Terminal (LBCT LLC.)

How do I pay demurrage at LBCT?

  1. Payment of demurrage must be made through the eModal website,
  2. Amounts due are accessible through the eModal website, ,or the LBCT website,
  3. Demurrage must be paid prior to release of the container.

What is demurrage free receiving date?

Demurrage Free Receive Date (DFRD) date is the first date that you may tender an export container without incurring ONE demurrage. The DFRD Query will provide you this date based on ONE Rules & Tariff. The calculation of billable Demurrage is based on vessel ETA at the time of container in gate.

What is free time in shipping?

“Free time”: the period of time offered by the Carrier to the Merchant free of charge, covering both demurrage period and detention period, beyond which additional charges such as, but not limited to demurrage and detention charges, will be due to the Carrier.

How is demurrage calculated?

Demurrage is charged by the shipping line per day per container from the date of discharge till the full container is moved out of the port or terminal for unpacking. Detention is charged per day per container from that time till the empty container is returned to the shipping line's nominated depot.

Who is legally responsible for demurrage charges?

(a) Any person receiving rail cars from a rail carrier for loading or unloading who detains the cars beyond the period of free time set forth in the governing demurrage tariff may be held liable for demurrage if the carrier has provided that person with actual notice of the demurrage tariff providing for such liability ...

Who is responsible for paying demurrage charges?

Demurrage and detention charges during import Usually, the sea freight forwarders get a free time of 3-5 days after the container gets discharged. Mostly, the forwarders need to pay the demurrage in order to collect the cargo from the port.

Is demurrage a penalty?

When a chartered ship fails to load or unload its cargo in the timeframe set out in its contract, it may owe the owner of the vessel a penalty fee known as demurrage. In this sense, the term traces its origins to the French word “demeurer”, which essentially means “to be late”.

How much is container demurrage?

How much does demurrage cost? The cost of demurrage charges vary depending on carriers, terminals, and contractual agreements. However, they tend to be anywhere between $75 to $300 per container/ per day. After several days, the charges can grow to more significant amounts.

What is the difference between demurrage and storage?

While both terms refer to fees charged when an unpacked shipment exceeds the allowable free time, demurrage charges are levied by the shipping company and storage charges are levied by the port. Ports charge storage fees to discourage delays and reduce congestion at busy terminals.

How do you avoid demurrage charges?

  1. Pre-clear your cargo and issue delivery instructions to your inland carrier in advance.
  2. Have a trucker “back-up” plan.
  3. Request extended free time.

How long does it take to demurrage charges?

Demurrage will only be applied after a set number of free days have elapsed. Each port facility has its own standards for the number of free days that are allocated and this figure is negotiable on a contractual basis. Generally, it is anywhere between 3 and 7 days.

What is demurrage free time?

Demurrage is charged when containers are still full and under the control of the shipping line, and have not been cleared through customs or picked up by the consignee. Once free time expires, you will be charged a daily fee for using equipment (container and/or chassis) until your cargo is removed.

What are the reasons for demurrage?

Late freight or custom release of containers, damaged containers, or overweight containers are common reasons a shipper could get charged a demurrage fee. Shipping mistakes trigger the most common reasons for demurrage.

Who is liable for container detention and demurrage?

Demurrage is usually charged to the party most closely related to the bill of lading: the named cosignee or importer under the bill of lading.

What is a line hold on a container?

Steamship line holds usually happen when the steamship company has not received either payment of collect charges or the original bill of lading. The original bill of lading must be properly endorsed and a release must be sent to the freight location in order to lift this type of hold.

What is port demurrage?

Demurrage is a fee attached to cargo that has overstayed its time at a terminal. These fees can be enforced by port officials. Depending on the vendor, terminal, warehouse or container station, fees and policies can vary. The amount of time you must pick up your cargo without being charged varies from vendor to vendor.

How long does it take for a container to clear customs?

Typically, customs clearance takes less than 24 hours, however, there are times where it can take several days or weeks for goods to be inspected. When is customs clearance needed? Customs clearance is necessary for all packages entering the U.S. from other countries.

How much is per diem for containers?

Per diem charges vary by carrier and port, but they normally range between $100 and $250 per day for each container. What happens if you need to keep storing cargo?

What are container charges?

Container Service Charges are fees charged by the shipping terminals for the storage and positioning of containers before they are loaded on a vessel. The charges usually consist of goods handling, unloading the container, stacking and crane service. Another name for CSC is Terminal Handling Charges (THC).

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Lbct LLC container tracking

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we're in a in the middle or just starting phase of a three phase project here when it started it took many different forms well we wanted to be was the most technologically advanced most efficient most cost-effective container terminal in the United States I think we've achieved that my name is Anthony Otto I am the president of Long Beach Container Terminal it's called terminals all about automation it's the first broad scale fully automated container terminal in the United States what we've achieved here is a major paradigm shift in our industry certainly here in Southern California or for within the United States be allowed to proceed with this project we went through a very long difficult dir an environmental impact study to make sure that the impact of this facility on the rest of the city downtown and the surrounding communities was kept to an absolute minimum we're happy now to say that we are the first near zero-emission Container Terminal in the United States right now behind me you see about 1 million tu worth of capacity which we went live on in April of 2016 and at full build-out which is estimated to be first quarter of 2021 we will be at a full 3.3 million tu of design capacity it's been a rocky road no doubt ten years ago didn't look exactly like this but over the twists and turns of going around the world to figure out the existing and the emerging technologies that are out there that is best designs and kind of putting all those together and what we believe is the next best design for a Container Terminal but it's been a fun ride I think we've been able to get up to a stable place and which productivity has been improving month over month which is all you can really ask for I think it shows great signs of improvement as we go forward into 2017 and we expect great things we have a union called the ILWU we watch with them for years now explaining to them what the technology was its impact on their workforce our commitment to them was to bring them along to train them up in the new higher skilled jobs of tomorrow and they've embraced that and they're doing very well and anyone who works here now the same guy used to drive the crane out in the yard eight hours a day is now doing it from a remote console sipping coffee and listening to light music and air conditioning ABB has been an outstanding partner they've been involved in every part of this from the rail to the yard to the automated stacking cranes to the ship-to-shore cranes everything in concert with Navis n4 which is our toss as well as the team's product for the AGVs and ABB has been a incredible partner and just collaborating with those other two to make sure that all those pieces fit together and that this terminal operates really efficiently you you

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fast efficient and reliable that is exactly how long beach container terminal is providing record-breaking productivity to major retailers worldwide but we have the best container port in the world here now we can handle the largest of the largest opened in 2016 this first in the world fully electrified terminal is providing unmatched speed and efficiency while being the greenest in the world this is the model to make sure that we maintain on the west coast our dominance in the industry by separating our yard into four distinct automated operations vessel handling container stacking truck delivery and rail we ensure optimal speed and precision efficiency and dependability of marine terminal operations is the centerpiece of an efficient and dependable international supply chain with long beach container terminal their turn times that is the amount of time it takes a truck to get in and out that turn time has been significantly lower than most other terminals in the united states on the water side our berths are fully equipped with shore power where our ship to shore cranes the largest in the united states can lift two containers at once delivering them to the first zero emission all-electric transport system this fleet of all-electric driverless agvs then quickly and smoothly transports containers to the 70 all-electric rail mounted stacking cranes with the ability to mix and rearrange import export and empty containers all in one stack as needed the opportunity for dual transactions is also vastly improved in the control tower our highly trained team continually ensures containers are being moved quickly and strategically to reduce yard moves and with our automated gate system truck turn dwell times are dramatically reduced lbct has done a great job designing this terminal to incentivize the dual transaction as it gets harder and harder throughout the port complex to do a dual transaction lbct is the one terminal that still makes it easy because you can pick up an import and drop off an empty no matter where that import is semi-automated on-dock rail completes the terminal not only is it the largest on-dock facility in north america but it is also the fastest and most efficient transfer station on the west coast you'll have the capability of moving 3.5 million teus and will be doing so with a very limited footprint compared to the previous model that we had there so again i'm very proud of this accomplishment on behalf of the port of long beach fast efficient and reliable getting your cargo to market is all that counts you

Thanks Robt your participation is very much appreciated
- Catherina Winning

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