Mass secretary of state LLC search [Expert Guide]

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Mass secretary of state LLC search

How do I look up an LLC in Massachusetts?

  1. Visit the Corporations Division Business Entity Search.
  2. Search Your LLC Name.
  3. Browse the Results.

How do I find a business in Massachusetts?

Corporation & Business Entity Search You can find information on any corporation or business entity in Massachusetts or another state by performing a search on the Secretary of State website of the state or territory where that corporation is registered.

How do I find articles of corporation in Massachusetts?

The Corporations Book, a list of corporations subject to taxation in Massachusetts, is published annually by the Division of Local Services. This data can be accessed using DLS's Corporation Book Online Search page or by viewing one of the Data Files available on this page.

Are Articles of Incorporation public in Massachusetts?

The process of forming a corporation and filing Articles of Incorporation falls under Massachusetts statute G.L. c156D. Any information in the Articles of Incorporation/Articles of Organization will become part of the permanent public record.

How do I look up a LLC?

Verifying LLC Status In many states, the secretary of state's office maintains a searchable corporate database. To confirm a company's LLC status, call the secretary of state's office or visit the website. In states like Arizona, out-of-state companies must register with the state before they can do business there.

How do you check my company is registered or not?

  1. Step 1: Go to the MCA website.
  2. Step 2: Go to the 'MCA Services' tab. In the drop-down click on 'View Company/LLP Master Data'.
  3. Step 3: Enter the company CIN. Enter the captcha code. Click on 'Submit'.

Is an LLC a corporation?

A Limited Liability Company (LLC) is an entity created by state statute. Depending on elections made by the LLC and the number of members, the IRS will treat an LLC either as a corporation, partnership, or as part of the owner's tax return (a disregarded entity).

How do I change the name of my LLC in Massachusetts?

To amend your Massachusetts LLC you will have to file a Certificate of Amendment with the Massachusetts Secretary of the Commonwealth, Corporations Division (SOC). There is no SOC form for LLC amendments. LLCs have to draft their own amendments based on Massachusetts statutory requirements.

Is my business name taken in Massachusetts?

You can check your business name availability by searching Massachusetts' two online databases: the Business Entity Search database and the Business Name Reservation Search database. Recommended: If you don't have a business name yet or find that yours is taken, use our LLC Name Generator.

How do I register an S Corp in Massachusetts?

  1. Massachusetts S corporations must annually file Form 355S or Form 63 FI.
  2. S corporations must also include with the annual filing:
  3. S corporations must also annually provide a Schedule SK-1 to each shareholder to inform them of their distributive shares of:

How do I change the officers of a corporation in Massachusetts?

If you need to make changes to your Massachusetts articles of organization, file Articles of Amendment with the Massachusetts Secretary of the Commonwealth, Corporations Division (SOC). Amendment forms are available in your online account or on the SOC website. However, use of Massachusetts SOC forms is not mandatory.

Is Massachusetts annual report required?

All foreign and domestic corporations registered in Massachusetts are required to file an annual report with the Secretary of the Commonwealth within two and one-half months after the close of their fiscal year. To learn about the various types of corporations select here.

How do I look up an S Corp?

You can check your S corp status relatively easily by contacting the IRS. If you have properly submitted your S corporation form to the IRS and have not heard back, you can call the IRS at (800) 829-4933 and they will inform you of your application status.

Is the owner of an LLC public record?

If you cannot find the owner's name online, you can file an information request with the state. Each Secretary of State office maintains public records that include the ownership of every LLC register in the state.

How can I verify a company is legitimate?

  1. Check Company's Official Website. There's no legit company out there that doesn't have its official website.
  2. Know About Local Chamber of Commerce:
  3. Check Company's Credit Report.
  4. Visit the Company.
  5. Check the Payment Mode.

How do I find the owner of a business?

  1. Search State Databases. LLCs submit articles of organization and other public filings with the state's Secretary of State office or a comparable state agency.
  2. Submit a Public Information Request.
  3. Check the Company Website.
  4. Dig into Alternative Public Records.

How do I find information about a company?

Bloomberg News Service and Lexis/Nexis provide news stories about a company. Dun & Bradstreet, Moody's, Hoover's Profiles, and Standard & Poor's Corporate Profiles provide financial data about companies. These and other sources are available in many libraries or law and business school libraries.

Can two companies have the same name?

So, your company can have the same name as another company, and vice versa, with no claims of trademark infringement. However, if your business is using a company name that's the same as another incorporated company, there could be grounds for a legal dispute, and you may not be able to legally use the business name.

Where can I find my company registration number?

  1. On your company's certificate of incorporation.
  2. Emails or letters from your company formation agent or accountant.
  3. Any official correspondence with Companies House, such as letters or emails.

What are the 3 types of LLC?

  • Single-member LLC for the sole-proprietorship (solo entrepreneur)
  • Multi-member LLC (member-managed LLC or manager-member LLC)
  • Domestic LLC and Foreign LLC.
  • Series LLC.
  • L3C Company (low-profit LLC)
  • Anonymous LLC.
  • Restricted LLC.
  • PLLC and LLC.

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Mass secretary of state LLC search

Comment by Eli Baillet

hi i'm jordan hanson i'm from cobalt intelligence and today we're talking about the massachusetts secretary of state and we're going to talk about how to do business search there so we're going to talk about how we get you know you can search for different businesses or entities kind of what fields are available in massachusetts and then if you ever get this data or need it in an automated fashion we're going to show you how to do a vr portal which is kind of a way to test the data and then we're going to show you how to do it in post manage to kind of help you form the requests that you're making and you can import them into the language of your choice and then if you're a javascript user which come on you should be javascript is great you we're going to go and show you our sdk so if you're a nodejs user you can use this sdk to make this a piece of cake to get this data all right here we are we're looking at massachusetts like i said fields available no state of formation i think this may be the only one that's probably not true but a state of formation is like the jurisdiction so you can see where the state is registered for some reason massachusetts doesn't have it but they have officer information which is great they have organization documents which is also great so rest is pretty standard here's massachusetts let's zoom in so you can actually see stuff there we go it's a pretty good search not fancy looking right but we have the entity name individual name is always nice identification or filing number that's fine too right the big one is individual names of the fact that they have that let's go over here and search for sword no laser laser all right then we search over here now cool has a bunch of stuff here and look how it did it returned okay whatever we can't see status here we can't see like a status field so we don't know which is active or not but the laser advantage llc that looks like a great one let's click on it what are the chances it's active come on let's see here okay data organization in massachusetts but it doesn't say i wanna i'm just looking to see if we missed it and if it's somewhere we got the manager here we go we got all this other stuff and here the files you can view them i don't see a state of that of jurisdiction like it says what about status am i dumb where is it was it listed on our list this says yeah it has it why can't i see it okay look hard dude can't maybe because it has a date of cancellation that means it's out there i'm curious what we're gonna say to that so it expired because this date of cancellation exists but let's see what we see so if we come over here this is our portal and cobalt intelligence we're gonna search for that we're gonna search for it in massachusetts and we're gonna hit the submit button if i remember correctly massachusetts is pretty fast it's going to be i don't know less than 20 seconds and this is getting that data real time you'll see it formed into that little json response so it makes it really easy for you to integrate with your software status inactive okay so look so we are handling that man we are good did i see that i wanna just double check the inactives on here no we're making an assumption if we find this we say inactive cool all right that is the portal let's go over here to postman so postman this is kind of what your request is going to look like you're going to want to replace this with your business name replace this with your state you want to encode this right here the business name i'm hit stand right now oh um gotta sneeze whoo that's a mute button saved you okay so you're gonna want to encode this just in case there's an ampersand because ampersand will wreck this search way otherwise this is gonna be what you want in your headers you're going to want this x api key and the value also your api key x dash api dash key and then it's going to return that json just like we saw look at that with the documents let's go over here oh officers too yeah thank you there we go great now let's go to the sdk and we can kind of show you how that works over here there we go i have this little function built to use it and i'll show you how the actual sdk works so you're gonna come over here you're gonna import this sos api you're going to pass in your api key and then you're going to go sos api dot get business details and you're going to pass in the parameters you want such as business name state you have to have those and these are the give me the friendly ones like if you don't want the live data for example or like you want to cache instead because you want to fast or if you want a screenshot like i passed in the screenshot parameter right here so let's look at that oh a screenshot that looks nice let's click it okay i had to click it twice let's go and there it is look at that so you can show you can put this in your file you can say hey guess what i have screenshots do you that's that's what you say to your competitors because you know they don't have cobalt intelligence and so they can't get the cool data like you can so that is it we got screenshots there that is the end of massachusetts and i'm jordan hansen like subscribe the video because we're friends and you know if this is content is helpful for you at all that would be helpful for me so like it subscribe share with your friends tell everyone i'm sure all your friends are just really excited to learn more about massachusetts and the secretary of state there so you know you know what to do do the right thing

Thanks for your comment Eli Baillet, have a nice day.
- Kathrine Dubas, Staff Member

Comment by Campettat

operations in the state of Massachusetts you want to come right to this page and if you're watching this video you want to go right to the link below it and I'll bring you right here now you can search corporations as you can see by a number of different ways but the most common is to search by entity name so you just to click on this little button here and right next to name we're just going to type in McDonald's and a lot of people use this tool when they're about to create a corporation because you can see other names out there so that you don't register the same name as somebody else and get rejected but here are all the McDonald's in Massachusetts and if you just click on one of these links it will just simply bring you the information about the owner where their address of their office is located here and that's it this is how you can do a simple search of corporations in Massachusetts

Thanks Campettat your participation is very much appreciated
- Kathrine Dubas

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