Search for LLC names availability [Expert Guide]

Last updated : Sept 20, 2022
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Search for LLC names availability

How do I check to see if a name is available?

In most states, the website of the state business filing agency includes an online entity name check tool. You can use the online tool to search business names and find out whether another business is already using the name you have chosen.

How do I find an LLC name in NJ?

Use our online Name Availability Look-Up Service to see if a business name is currently available for use. You may also browse names on file with the State of New Jersey to get a general sense of which names are available. You may browse names online free of charge. When checking a name, be exact.

How do I find a unique name for my business?

  1. Use acronyms.
  2. Create mash-ups.
  3. Get inspiration from mythology and literature.
  4. Use foreign words.
  5. Use your own name.
  6. Take a look at a map.
  7. Mix things up.
  8. Partner with another company.

How do you check if a business name is taken in Arizona?

Researching the Availability of a Business Name Begin your search by using the Arizona Secretary of State Entity Search and the Arizona Corporation Commission Search for an Entity Name.

Can two companies have the same name?

So, your company can have the same name as another company, and vice versa, with no claims of trademark infringement. However, if your business is using a company name that's the same as another incorporated company, there could be grounds for a legal dispute, and you may not be able to legally use the business name.

What are some good LLC names?

  • The Moving Guys.
  • Sister's Restaurant.
  • Ruggiero Brothers Oil.
  • Angela's Bridal.
  • The Tree Fellas.
  • The Coffee Girl.
  • The Building People, LLC.
  • The Wine Guys.

How do I find out if a company is registered in NJ?

You may check the online registration inquiry to determine if the business is already registered. If you have not registered but are required to have this certificate, you will need to complete Form NJ-REG.

How do I know if my LLC is active in NJ?

You can visit the NJ portal website and enter either the name of the company, entity ID number, or even the taxpayer identification number (Federal Employer ID Number) of the business. The website will then verify if the business is registered.

How do I create an LLC in NJ?

  1. Choose an Original Name for Your New Jersey LLC.
  2. Select a Registered Agent for Your New Jersey LLC.
  3. Obtain an Employer Identification Number (EIN)
  4. Submit Your Public Records Filing.
  5. Prepare Your LLC Operating Agreement.
  6. Get Your Business License, If Applicable.
  7. File Annual Reports for your NJ LLC.

How do you brainstorm a business name?

  1. Start defining your brand identity.
  2. Use a business name generator.
  3. Choose a business name that matches your target audience.
  4. Pick a provisional winner and ask for feedback.
  5. Check availability of your name.
  6. Register the name.

What is best name for new company?

  • Spa Paragon.
  • GameDay Catering.
  • Exploration Kids.
  • Yoga Professor.
  • Darwin Travel.
  • Party Plex.
  • Pizza Factor.
  • Acorn Crafts.

What makes a good company name?

Developing a great brand name — one that is distinctive, memorable, easy to pronounce and emotionally appealing — is a critical element in creating any brand identity. We all know that great brand names can differentiate companies, products or services in crowded markets.

How much does it cost for an LLC in Arizona?

How much does it cost to form an LLC in Arizona? The Arizona Corporations Commission charges a $50 fee to file the Articles of Organization. It is an additional $35 for expedited processing.

How do I find an LLC in Arizona?

Corporation & Business Entity Search You can find information on any corporation or business entity in Arizona or another state by performing a search on the Secretary of State website of the state or territory where that corporation is registered.

How do I know if my LLC has been approved Arizona?

Checking Arizona LLC Status After filing Articles of Organization to form a new LLC, you can check to see whether these documents have been approved and/or verify that your business information is listed correctly by searching for your business name on the Arizona Corporation Commission's (ACC) database.

Should I name my LLC after myself?

Sometimes it makes sense to name your LLC after yourself if you want to grow your personal brand, but in some cases using your personal name can limit your business' growth or even confuse customers.

Can a company sue you for having the same name?

A trademark lawsuit will require you to prove three things: You have registered a trademark or service mark in the name. Someone else is using the same or similar name to sell similar goods and services to yours. The infringer's use of the name is confusing customers or diluting the power of your trademark.

Can two LLCs have the same address?

Same address can be used for multiple companies, although it's always a good idea to have a unique address for your business. But technically you can do it this way, sure.

What are the 3 types of LLC?

  • Single-member LLC for the sole-proprietorship (solo entrepreneur)
  • Multi-member LLC (member-managed LLC or manager-member LLC)
  • Domestic LLC and Foreign LLC.
  • Series LLC.
  • L3C Company (low-profit LLC)
  • Anonymous LLC.
  • Restricted LLC.
  • PLLC and LLC.

How much does an LLC cost?

You can file the LLC filing documents online, by mail, or in-person when visiting the local SOS office. The filing costs usually vary from $50 to $150 which is a single-time fee. If you plan to form your company in another state, then you might have to provide additional documentation and pay a higher formation fee.

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Search for LLC names availability

Comment by Desmond Foerschler

have you ever picked a business name only to realize months and thousands of dollars later spent on branding product and merch that is trademarked and you can't use it at all or maybe you went ahead and settled for that social media handle that has about six underscores the year you were born at the end and got a dotnet dot biz because the dot-com wasn't available well in this episode we're gonna give you guys three tips and tools to check the availability of the names that you have chosen let's get into it hey what's up this Rene Marquez here with neon Tiger media helping small businesses entrepreneurs and side hustlers navigate the cold digital world don't get lost in the sauce my friends let's get into this episode number one is that is the federal government trademark search directory simply type in the name of the business that you're wanting to use and it'll let you know if it's trademarked or not now let's say it's not trademarked and you're considering should I trade market I think if you want to protect your brand and business at the federal level because you're gonna do big things throw in big places then trade markets about $200 on LegalZoom and maybe you can even find some legal services around your town and number two there is no specific website you're simply going to go to type in secretary of state followed by the state that you live in and it should pop up right there and there should be somewhere around to search for an entity slash business name type that in and it'll let you know if it's already registered in the state or not now the reason I recommend doing this is the last thing you want is to be already knee high deep in paperwork with your businesses services setting you up with that LLC your S corp and it's not available you're scrambling last minute and you end up settling for a name that you didn't really want and number three my favorite name check dot-com this is how you don't end up with that good old dot biz net org when you're not even a non-profit and you don't end up with six different underscores and the year you graduated on three different social handles for three different social media accounts you're simply going to type in the name that you're wanting to use on this website it's going to let you know every domain extension that's available and not as well as the social media so let's say you typed in the name of the this you want to use and the domains not available in social media is not available well don't go into a panic frenzy and start trying to pick a new name simply try this example let's say it's Canon that you put in there try we are Canon now social media is available but the dot-com is available should you switch it again no hold on I think you're fine with taking all the social media handles if you're fine with that extension I mean you could choose something else example if you're lively succulents you could try lovely lively succulents at the beginning I know that's corny but you get what I mean I mean just try different things out and your domain same thing I think as long as your domain makes sense it's not too long and crazy but your social media is consistent on all platforms you should be good the last thing you want is to have three different social media handles underscores all over the place it just looks bad it's not good it's not consistent well that's it for today's episode I hope everything that we shared with you guys helped you if you need any help questions or maybe you have better tools that makes us a lot easier comment down below we'd love to hear from you we'd also love to connect with you guys on social media and if you're new here and you haven't subscribe go ahead and hit that button right there plus a little notification bell hit that it'll let you know every time we post a video but until next time don't get lost in the sauce

Thanks for your comment Desmond Foerschler, have a nice day.
- Bo Santucci, Staff Member

Comment by a2p1udvE

all right welcome to this video and welcome to this video in this video right now I want to show you everything you need to know about name search on CS website the 2022 update all right this is the latest update latest update on name search on the Cs website now if you are watching my videos for the very first time or you are landing on my channel for the very first time you can click on the Subscribe button subscribe to the channel and make sure you turn on the Bell notification so that you can receive a notification whenever I drop in new videos all right now the first I'm going to talk talk to you about in this video right now is um what name search is really all about okay what name search is what about name search on since website what is it all about all right you know CAC is a corporate corporate Affairs commission they are the agency responsible for registering um or keeping the records of every registered business in Nigeria all right whether you are running a small business you are you are only a company or you have a church or an NGO you must if you want to go legal with your business you must register your your business with the CSS so CSE is the more responsible for giving you all the documents you need to to to ensure that you are registered with the Nigeria with the Nigeria with Nigeria as a as a legal business so whenever someone registered their business with CAC CAC make um the names every name that has been registered with cs every company every NG every church that has been registered with CSC their names are made available for the public consumption all right there are many there are at least three reasons why these names are available for for the public so if you want to maybe if you want to register a new company so you have to make a new search on the Cs website so this is one of the reasons why um you have to do namesake so name search is basically for you to search for a particular name on the serious website either to make sure that the name is registered with CAC or for many other reasons right the next thing we are going to talk about in this video right now is why you need to do name search on the Cs website I'm going to show you three reasons I'm going to give you three reasons why you need to do name search on the CSU website either as a business owner or as an individual the number one reason why you need to do name search on CS website is to get the information of a particular company or a particular business from the Cs website right you may want to know me let's say as an individual I want to do a business with someone and maybe you are skeptical about the business so and the Ted and they told you that their business registered with this is you can take the name and go over to the CSC website and search for the name and from there you can know the information about the business the day the business was registered the the um when the business was started the business number and all of that stuff about the business that's the number one reason why you need to do name search on the Cs website this second reason why you need to do name session to see this website is when you want to register a new company or you want to register a new business you want to register a new church or a new Cooperative Society or anything that has to do with this you want to start a new registration you have to do your name search on the Cs website right this is to make sure that the name you want to register with CAC is not used by another person so that the name will be available for you to use because if you don't do the name search before you go ahead with your registration your registration will be queried and we you may end up losing your money so the very first thing you need to do before you go ahead to register your business with CSS to do the name search and to make sure that the name you want to use is not similar to any other name that is registered with CC right the last thing the third reason why you need to do name search on the Cs website is when you let's say you hire someone to register your business for you or you register somewhere you hire an agent or anybody to register your business for you and you know they sent you the certificate but you still want to be sure because you know in Nigeria we have to very careful you know anything maybe you don't you you did the um the person you hire is online so you know people can do a lot of shady stuff so you want to be sure that the name is really registered with CAC so you can go ahead and take the name to the CAC such um search website then you search for the name if you happen to see the name on the website it means your your business is now registered but if you do not find the name on the website it means your business is not yet registered so that is that about how why you need to do name search on the serious website I've given you three reasons already so the next thing you want to talk about right now in this video is how to do name search on the Cs website now you've learned what CSS is all about you've learned um the reasons why you need to do name search now the next thing I want to do right now is I want to show you how you can do name search on the sales website without the help of anybody so if you happen to if you want to do a name sessions website and you don't know how to do it I implore you to you know watch this video to the very end I'm going to show you the step by step everything you need to do and how you need to do it on the website all right now the if you want to do name search on sales website this is their website there are two ways to go to their website you can decide to go to the home page of the website or you go directly to the list um the list page of the website now the website for the home page is I think just open your browser on your phone or on your laptop line and you type in home right this is the home page of the search website or you can use this one slash list right I prefer using this second one I don't like using this one because it has more um information here so from here now you can see this is the page where you need to make a search from here you can see the search bar and other information now we have here the type of business you want to search for let's say you want to register a business name and you input your business name you need to type it don't worry I will show you how to use all these options so we have a we have business name here we have company we have Incorporated trustee we have limited partnership and we have limited liability slash partnership right now it's not too search for any name you can do this on your mobile phone as well you can also do it on your laptop so if you want to search for any name just open your browser you go to the website then you in the search bar you put in the name you want to search so I'm going to use a Debbie collections from for example so let's say the name you to use for example yes you want to search for debit collection so you after typing in the name in the search bar you click on search you wait for t

Thanks a2p1udvE your participation is very much appreciated
- Bo Santucci

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