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Wa LLC annual report filing

Do you have to file an annual report for an LLC in Washington?

The State of Washington requires you to file an annual report (also known as an annual renewal) for your LLC. The report must be filed online at the Secretary of State website. The initial annual report must be filed within 120 days of the date you filed to create your LLC.

How do I file my annual report in Washington State?

When you mail your Washington annual report form, include a money order or check payable to “Secretary of State.” Mail your report and payment to the Corporations and Charities Division: Physical/overnight address: 801 Capitol Way S, Olympia, WA 98501-1226. Regular mailing address: PO Box 40234, Olympia, WA 98504-0234.

Do I have to renew my LLC Every year in Washington State?

Corporations or Limited Liability Companies (LLC) You must file an annual report to stay in good standing with the Washington Secretary of the State. Annual reports must be filed directly with the Secretary of State, Corporations and Charities Division.

How do I maintain an LLC in Washington state?

To maintain a Washington LLC, it is necessary to make periodic filings with the State. For example, the State requires that LLCs draft an annual report with the Washington Licensing and Business Service. These reports are due by or before the 120 mark after establishing your LLC.

Is there an annual fee for an LLC in Washington state?

Washington LLCs are also required to file an Annual Renewal each year, the fee for which is $60.

Do LLCs pay taxes in Washington state?

Virtually all businesses in Washington are subject to the state business and occupation (B&O) tax. This includes businesses formed as corporations, limited liability companies (LLCs), partnerships, and sole proprietors, whether nonprofit or for profit. The B&O tax is calculated on gross income from business activities.

Is Washington a good state for LLC?

For most businesses, forming an LLC in Washington state is the best choice. Although it will take you a little longer to form your business, you'll appreciate having limited liability protections in place. You'll need to follow the rules of the Washington Limited Liability Company Act to form your LLC in this state.

What Quarterly reports are due Washington State?

Monthly returns are due the 25th of every month. (e.g. The June tax return is due July 25.) Quarterly returns are due the end of the month following the tax quarter. (e.g. The Quarter 1 (Jan, Feb, Mar) tax return is due April 30.)

Who is subject to WA B&O tax?

This tax classification applies if you manufacture products in Washington, whether for your own use or for sale (as tangible property) to another person. The tax amount is based on the value of the manufactured products or by-products. The Manufacturing B&O tax rate is 0.484 percent (0.00484) of your gross receipts.

How much is business tax in Washington State?

Washington does not have a corporate income tax but does levy a gross receipts tax. Washington has a 6.50 percent state sales rate, a max local sales tax rate of 4.00 percent, and an average combined state and local sales tax rate of 9.29 percent.

Does Washington State require a business license?

You need a license if you meet one or more of the following criteria: Your business requires city and state endorsements. You are doing business using a name other than your full name legal name. You plan to hire employees within the next 90 days.

Does Washington state have a franchise tax?

No. Washington imposes neither a corporate franchise nor a corporate income tax. Rather, the primary business tax in Washington is the B&O tax, a gross receipts tax.

What is meant by annual report?

An annual report is a corporate document disseminated to shareholders that spells out the company's financial condition and operations over the previous year.

Do I have to file a Washington state income tax return?

Washington state does not have a personal or corporate income tax. However, people or businesses that engage in business in Washington are subject to business and occupation (B&O) and/or public utility tax.

What is the difference between a Washington LLC and a professional LLC?

A Washington PLLC is a limited liability company (LLC) formed specifically by people who will provide Washington licensed professional services. LLCs in general are businesses registered with the state that consist of one or more people—called LLC members—who own the business.

Can I be my own registered agent in Washington state?

The Registered Agent may be an individual or a business. The Registered Agent receives annual reports, notices, and service of process on behalf of the organization they represent.

Is an LLC a corporation in Washington State?

A Washington state LLC is a limited liability company formed in or registered to do business in Washington state. This type of business entity provides personal asset protection from business losses and prevents the double taxation of corporations. An LLC combines features of a partnership with those of a corporation.

How much does an EIN cost in Washington state?

Plus, getting an EIN is free and takes just 10 minutes online.

How do I renew my legal entity in Washington state?

To renew your license, you'll need to complete your renewal application and pay renewal fees online. Renewal applications are available no sooner than 90 days prior to your license expiry date and no later than 60 calendar days following your license expiry date.

How much is a business license in the state of Washington?

Virtually all businesses in Washington need to obtain a Washington state business license. To get your license, all you have to do is complete the Washington state Business License Application and pay a $19 fee. You can apply online or by mail.

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Wa LLC annual report filing

Comment by Ernest Toews

hi so this is a quick video on how to find your annual report for your LLC Corporation or non-profit at the Secretary of State for Washington so the URL is sos.wa.gov you'll scroll down and click the simple business search you'll click the business search give it a few moments to find that page and then below the login is the corporation search and you can search let's look for Thurston economic find my company and then you'll scroll down to filing history and you can pull the most recent annual report fulfilled download the document I'm just going to name this one test I was gonna play the Jeopardy song there for a second there we go and then once it's downloaded I'll show you what it looks like as you can see this is the SOS Secretary of State for Washington we have a filed date that's been an effective date with the agency you'll see the business name this should be the current and accurate business name you'll also see the principal office again current and active and the other thing you'll find is the formation date with this you can upload it to your Sam incident ticket in the business validation section of your Sam registration and this document should suffice to fix your name address and if necessary the date of incorporation

Thanks for your comment Ernest Toews, have a nice day.
- Kurt Mantyla, Staff Member

Comment by Florentino

your state will require you to file an annual report in order to keep your LLC in compliance your contact information updated and your LLC in good standing fees and due dates vary by the state once your LLC has formed paperwork with the state is not over as a part of the ongoing requirements for your LLC your state requires that you file an annual report and pay a filing fee the ein report can take many names such as the annual report annual statement statement of information periodic report biennial statement decennial report and many more and not all annual reports are annual so may be required to file every year some every two years and some may be lucky enough to only have to file every 10 years it just depends on your state and their requirements since most states refer the report as the annual report will do so as well just for simplicity the purpose of the Yankee report is to keep your LLC in compliance and in good standing additionally it keeps the state updated with your LLC's contact information if you fail to file your annual report the state will automatically dissolve or shut down your LLC your anger report will include your LLC name your office address your registered agent information and an LLC number from your Secretary of State the LLC number is just a number that your state uses to reference and identify your LLC so how do you file and pay your annual report generally there are two ways you can file your annual report with your state you can file it by mail or you can file it online if you file by mail you will fill out your annual report on your computer or fill it out by hand next you'll make a copy for your business records and then mail the original to the state along with a check or money order to pay the filing fee if you file online you'll prepare and submit your anger report on the state's website and pay the filing fee with a debit or credit card regardless of what option you choose it's important that you file your anger report on time most states will send you a reminder to pay and file your anger report prior to the deadline but not all of them do that for this reason we recommend that you keep a repeating reminder on your calendar what are the consequences for not filing your anger report if you don't file your anger report on time the state will charge you a late fee if you continue to ignore this requirement the state will automatically dissolve and shut down your LLC some states are stricter than others so it's best not to push your luck here so where do you get your annual report if you have formed an LLC but are not sure how to get your anger report from the state you can visit your state's website and contact them for guidance the links to the various states websites can be found on our website if you hired a company to form your LLC then you need to verify whether they will file it on your behalf and charge you to do so or if you need to file it on your own remember just because you paid a company to form your LLC the annual report is ultimately your responsibility in order to keep your LLC in compliance and in good standing if you have not formed your LLC yet don't worry you only have to file your annual report after your LLC is formed if you hire a company to form your LLC just make sure to find out whether they will follow your on report for you or if you need to do it yourself if you join our online video course we'll show you how to file your annual report step-by-step we'll also give you the specifics on filing fees and due dates for your state in summary it's important to make sure you file your annual report on time so your LLC remains in compliance and in good standing with your state

Thanks Florentino your participation is very much appreciated
- Kurt Mantyla

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