do you need an llc for vending machines [Videos]

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do you need an llc for vending machines

Is owning a vending machine a business?

Owning anywhere from a few to a few hundred vending machines can be a manageable, successful business for owners of any experience level. The cost to start a vending machine is basically just the cost of the machines and stocking them—you won't need an office space to house them.

How do I start a vending machine business?

  1. Consider your vending machine options.
  2. Find the right location for your vending machine.
  3. Find your vending machine.
  4. Stock your vending machine with inventory.
  5. Explore your financing options.
  6. 6. Make the right investments.
  7. Vending machine business advantages.

What is the business type for vending machines?

Most vending machine businesses are either a limited liability company (LLC) or sole proprietorship. A sole proprietorship comes with little to no paperwork, and no requirement to file a separate tax return. However, it's riskier than an LLC, even when you file for a “doing business as” (DBA) name.

How do I get permission to use a vending machine?

You'll have to make contact with the business owner or property manager at the location where you want to place each machine. To get the right person's contact information, you can either visit the location in person or call to inquire.

Do you need a permit in California vending machine?

Generally, you need a seller's permit to operate a vending machine in California if you are required to collect sales taxes. As a vending machine operator, you must not only supply products for the machine and collect the money, but you must also be aware of whether the products sold are subject to sales tax.

Can I put a vending machine anywhere?

Note: You can't just place your vending machine anywhere without permission! Most locations will require you to follow state and local vending laws. You will often have to sign a contract with the property owner. Make sure to read up on state and local vending laws when doing your research.

Are vending machines profitable 2022?

Yes, vending machines are still quite profitable. When learning how to start a vending machine business, you'll quickly realize that vending machines have a very small startup cost and great potential for high returns depending on where it is located and the products you offer.

How much does it cost to fill a vending machine?

Still, each bag can range from between $0.25- $0.50 and that won't include the gas or time and all the other additional expenses involved. Part of filling a vending machine is not just the actual snacks but also the entire automated sales process. In other words you need to “stock” you machine with change too!

How much can 1 vending machine make you?

On average, a single vending machine generates more than $75 in revenue. So, how much do vending machines make? On a monthly basis, an individual vending machine can make more than $300. That's a pretty decent business for those who invest in several machines over the long term.

How much money do u need to start vending machine?

The Investment Needed to Start a Vending Machine Business You can start with as little as $2,000, which will get you a basic vending machine–enough to get your business up and running. Simple vending machines that sell gumballs for quarters only cost a few hundred bucks.

How much does a vending make a month?

The typical vending machine generates over $75 of revenue each week and over $300 per month. Some vending machines generate much less than this, while some vending machines generate much, much more. The more well-placed, well-stocked machines an owner operates, the greater their profits and revenue.

What makes the most money in a vending machine?

Snack machines stocked with savory and sweet treats like chips and chocolate bars and cold drink machines stocked with Pepsi, Coca-Cola, or other soft drink products, water, and iced tea make up the largest share of the U.S. vending machine industry — almost 30%. The margins for these items are impressive.

Do vending machines pay for themselves?

Many of the best locations — places with heavy foot traffic, or large worker populations — are already saturated with machines. Some owners we talked to have to make 100+ calls before landing a decent location. In the end, they often end up paying the owner a commission of 10%-25% of gross sales to drive home the deal.

What do you call someone who owns a vending machine?

Vending Operator: A person that owns in a variety of vending machines on location, fills them with products to be sold, services them, and collects the money.

How much does a vending machine make a day?

Most vending machines earn less than $5 per week. However, a well-placed vending machine can earn far more than that, potentially exceeding $100 per week or even hundreds of dollars per day. Vending machine earnings vary widely based on many different variables.

How much is a vendor's license in California?

There is no charge for a seller's permit, but security deposits are sometimes required. You can apply online using online registration or you may apply at a nearby CDTFA location.

How do I get a vending license in California?

You can register on our website at by selecting Register, and then select Register a New Business Activity or Location. You can also register in person at any of our offices. Please contact our Customer Service Center for assistance at 1-800-400-7115 (TTY:711).

How much is a seller's permit in California?

To make sure you won't have to pay any tax, interest, or penalties owed by the previous owner, you should request in writing, a tax clearance from us 60 days prior to your purchase. There is no charge for a seller's permit.

How much do vending machine locations cost?

This fee varies depending on the type of machine installed, but typically ranges from around $5 per month for simple stand-alone machines, such as gumball machines, to as much as $50 per month for coffee and snack vending machines that require electricity or water.

Where is the most profitable place to put a vending machine?

Most vendors will want to make sure the equipment is installed in an area where the highest amount of traffic will be. On average, hotels are among the most profitable vending locations and operators are always happy to have them as a customer.

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do you need an llc for vending machines

Comment by Doyle Baires

now when it comes to starting a vending machine business the top question that i get is do you need an llc but youtube's a goddamn deal man it's money only pap pappy we are back with another video and you know i know it's been a minute since i did a a vending machine video but uh i had stuff planned but i just had to answer this question for y'all for the people that's that's looking to get into the vending machine industry but they just have to know if they need an llc and to answer that question there's no no you don't need one to start one but do you need one eventually yes you do and you know your first location is likely gonna be some small company somewhere house company but uh you know as you continue to grow and get bigger locations such as like gyms and hotels you do want to have an llc you want to have everything in order so when you go when you go to these companies and pitch your yo your machines to the business you just want to come correct you know what i'm saying you know when it comes to having an llc a lot of people don't know with all their intel's including me i didn't know uh there's this thing called franchise tax i'm not sure if you pay it every month or every year i just don't remember what the lady said because i had this conversation with her along a while ago so i kind of forgot but uh yeah you got to pay a franchise attack on your llc for your business either every year or every month y'all let me know down in the comment section i just can't remember right now but yeah and you know all businesses start out as a side hustle until until you you starting to grow scale your business up and that's when it's like legit a business so i would say don't get don't get a llc until you at least making a minimum of 2k to 3 000 with your side with your size that's when you're i i can make this every month and still pay off you know what i'm saying my monthly expenses for the business and pay off you know what i'm saying at the state of texas or whatever you at you know i'm saying the franchise tax don't be like me i got the llc and didn't do nothing with it it sat for two years because i was a independent contractor with the band and then when it came to get to get to get it back right with my vending machine business i have fees i have to pay you know what i'm saying so make sure you do your due diligence for to come to llc with all the fees that come with every month or every year however your state has a set up and then go from there but you don't need a llc off the real say that 300 get your startup location get your machines get your product let it go crazy and then once you see i i can do this let's get more locations let's get more located let's get more machines that's when you go ahead and legal fighting by solidify your business go ahead get that llc and get right all right so yeah bro the vending machine business is a dope business model you can do it with a full-time job that's just how easy and time-consuming is not you know you can get off work go to machines or you can do it before work you know i mean you're not going to spend no more than 30 minutes to an hour depending on depending on how empty your machines is you know to stock up so yeah a quick video i hope y'all gave y'all a good understanding with the llc and starting a a video machine business you don't need it starting out but you do need it eventually you know so yeah if you enjoyed this video got some clarity make sure you hit that like button subscribe the channel you got any questions drop them down in the comment section or hit me up on instagram it's right there and i check out this video bruh

Thanks for your comment Doyle Baires, have a nice day.
- Devon Dakins, Staff Member

Comment by fatalumasN

what is up everyone Dominick Barbato here welcome back to this channel I'm super excited for you guys to be here if you haven't already please hit that nice-looking subscribe button give this video a thumbs up if you enjoy the content but without further ado let's jump right into this video got it no yeah yeah yeah take a so so this video in particular is going to be about bending ready regulation so vending regulation is a huge topic that I keep seeing in my comments on YouTube in my you know DNS on Instagram everywhere where someone knows that I'm doing bending they're asking me about regulation licensing and you know the costs and permits and you know what type of Licensing do you need to start a vending business so in this video we're gonna jump right into that I have some notes in my laptop here that I'm going to read basically in this video I'm just gonna cover a bunch of states I don't think it's all 50 states but I'm gonna go through the regulation for the states that I have and I'll also tell you the states that I really couldn't find that much information to give you guys if you want to start a betting business in these states but it's gonna be a relatively short video stay towards till the end so that you understand all the regulations for each state and then obviously I'm not no expert here do your due diligence don't come back and sue me because I told you did any regulation you're always gonna want to Google you know in your state if you're starting a vending business what you want to do but this video just serves as a benchmark or starting point for your vending business and to just let you know here's what you have to do in your state and what you should be doing that is you know with the law in mind essentially so let's start off here so for the states that you actually need a license or permit to have a vending business majority of these it seems like you need a license as well as sales tax permits that you have to file with your city or your county check in particular with the city or county that you're putting vending machines but I'm gonna run through the list and these are the lists of the ones that require so you have California Colorado Massachusetts Florida Georgia Connecticut Hawaii Idaho Illinois Indiana Iowa Kansas Louisiana Maine Maryland Massachusetts Michigan Minnesota Missouri Mississippi Montana New Jersey New York New York only is sales tax if you're selling an item over a dollar 50 and it doesn't usually pertain to smaller bulk vending machines only to soda and Sacre sheets North Carolina New York is where I'm from that's why I say so much but North Carolina as well Oklahoma Oregon South Carolina South Dakota Tennessee Texas Vermont Virginia Washington West Virginia Wyoming all of those require some type of license some type of permit some type of paperwork that you have to file with your state or your county to be intact with the law and you know to be operating your business within the scope of the law without having anyone come after you I'm not saying here that you can just you know go and start your business without the licensing maybe you want to do that maybe you want to take that risk but don't take that risk obviously if you just hurt your state mention just go to your state website and get them necessary license or permits a couple of these I'm about to mention I couldn't either find anything or there just wasn't a lot of information on it and then also some of these state websites I actually had issues going to it actually 404 errors when looking for bending licenses on premise which was relatively weird because you think a government organization collecting billions of dollars in tax money would have a functioning website but doesn't seem like that's the thing so the ones I couldn't find things for and it looks like these aren't all 50 states but the users are some of the states that I looked up but I wanted to get out to you and also I didn't go international yet I do plan on doing a second bending regulation video that is international regulation because I have a lot of people from other places in the world who are looking into regulation and you know how can you start a pending business in other states in other countries so I will do a video on that stay tuned for that in the coming weeks but the ones I couldn't find anything Alaska Delaware Arizona I didn't really much unlike a license or permit but Arizona is very very strict on what you sell inside your soda snack machines I didn't find anything on bulk machines and I found nothing on amusment Kentucky didn't find anything Nevada's website was broken for vending Nebraska's website as well was broke in Ohio didn't find anything Pennsylvania didn't find anything Rhode Island didn't find anything Utah didn't find anything and West concen didn't find anything I'm sure I left some states out I may have not I know I think I might have left out North Dakota already that stands out that I left North Dakota out I don't know why I didn't put that in here but you could comment below your state if I didn't mention it those are some of the ones that I found online I'll try to put the links below for each state and the regulation if you guys are that lazy and can't just google your state and release license and permits but if you did stay tuned for the entirety of this video thank you for watching and I hope this puts you in a better position to start your bending business you know obviously with the law online because you don't want to be starting a pending business and then it you're down the line you know your state comes after you for whether it be sales tax permits or vending licenses and then they just take or you know impound your vending machines because you don't have the necessary license to actually operate those machines because we have to think if you're in soda inspections they technically aren't convenience stores you're you're a mobile market so there are licenses that you do need to get sometimes for those machines and there are sales tax permits that you do have to submit unfortunately to be license correctly in your state I hope this helped you and I hope this serves as a stepping-stone if you want more vending info you can go to enhance entrepreneurs calm it's the first link in the description and the link is right here enhance Osprey nerves calm is a global community of entrepreneurs around the world looking to grow and start businesses I have a group inside and ask entrepreneurs that you can join it's a vending revolution group I'm calling it you know building a pending business but I think I want to start any revolution and we are starting a vending revolution me and all the vendors here on YouTube are trying to teach as many people as we can how to start a betting business at home because if you don't have a side business you are going to work until you die you're going to be very very much at least have a side business if not start a full-time business if that is your passion follow law follow the regulations checks the links below some of the state links for the regulations below comment below if I didn't mention your

Thanks fatalumasN your participation is very much appreciated
- Devon Dakins

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