how much does an llc cost in md where can i get lip fillers [Expert Answers]

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Last updated : Sept 6, 2022
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how much does an llc cost in md where can i get lip fillers

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how much does an llc cost in md where can i get lip fillers

Comment by Jimmie Rough

i'm a little anxious about the numbing and the needles but i know that they kind of come hand in hand so i think i'll be able to get through it i'm lizzy and i'm getting lip filler today so i've always been not overly self-conscious but i've been like aware that my lips are pretty thin i'm a wellness editor i think that getting lip filler intersects with what i do in terms of self-confidence i think that when you feel your best your mental health is also at your best i think they're kind of interchangeable i like the way i look i like my hair i like my face but i just think that getting lip filler will make me feel even better about that and i've just it's something i've always wanted lip filler was actually what scared me the most because i had done everything else but that was the last thing i left to do to myself but i loved it that's when i really got into doing it for others hi i'm dr paulo founder and medical director here at spring street dermatology lip filler i don't think people really got comfortable with it except for the last five years a lot of young people are coming in i think the biggest fear people had is that you're gonna look crazy like you look like a duck filled platypus or you know you're gonna have a big big lips and now people are realizing it doesn't have to be that way we can work with your natural curves and just augment and give subtle volume and plumpness and our lips at its best so elizabeth we wanted to go over what we want to achieve today what kind of look we're going for and as i know it's your first time doing filler so we're going to go for a natural augmentation of your natural characteristics already you have a great border to the outside of your lip so i'm looking to go into the body and that's going to give you more volume and pull this up and then bring you a little more out at the bottom here and then when you put lipstick on it just feels a little bit better that sounds great perfect first the patient comes in my medical assistant cleans them off really well make sure all makeup is off lipstick chapstick anything that might be on the patient's lips so very very clean for numbing we use a blt what that stands for is benzocaine lidocaine and tetracaine in order of increasing concentration to decreasing concentration the lips is a mucosal surface so it absorbs the numbing much quicker than your skin does so we don't like to have the patient numbing longer than about 15 minutes we gently wipe off the numbing cream and i let them know that the filler that i'm using has lidocaine in it also so as we're doing the procedure they're going to get even more and more numb so not to be concerned by that next is time to inject in the injection process there's a couple different techniques that we can use the injection technique all depends on the patient's lips and where we want to fill and how we want to fill after each injection i massage just to get out any lumps and bumps i also pinch in certain places to make sure the filler doesn't carry over to those areas the filler that we're doing on elizabeth today is volbella it is an allergan filler i actually have those in my lips also for subtle augmentation and typically you can get up to a year with that filler even though we're using one syringe the number of pokes that we do depends on the feedback from the patient during the procedure so i'm constantly have an open dialogue with the patient as we're doing it i have her look in the mirror and confirmed that she likes how it's going so far and that kind of determines what i'm doing along the process lip filler typically takes anywhere between 20 to 25 minutes for the injecting part and that's it and hopefully you put your lipstick on and you're ready to go elizabeth tell me what you think oh my gosh i love them when you smile you don't lose your upper lip which is really nice and lipstick should be more fun now yeah they still look super natural which is what i want yes exactly when i first saw myself i immediately felt happy they looked so natural it actually did not hurt at all i'm very thankful for the numbing cream they didn't look enormous they still looked like my lips just a little bit more enhanced elizabeth looks great we were just going for a subtle augmentation and taking baby steps you can always build on those lips the swelling can take anywhere from two days to two weeks to fully go down and everybody's different but the average is usually three to five days for most people emotionally i feel pretty great i think they look really amazing and i already feel better about myself i can't wait to show all my friends and take selfies and just enjoy them thank you for watching refinery29 to see more videos like this one click here and to subscribe click here

Thanks for your comment Jimmie Rough, have a nice day.
- Beatris Drafts, Staff Member

Comment by Noel

put it right there my lips are like honestly the one thing that I feel like I don't like love about my face I feel like growing up I've started to get more and more critical of how I love you feel like they're just really thin and there's not much shape to them like they're just kind of like I never really thought about changing my lips until like I saw all these images and was like I wish I looked like that it's just like so hot right now to have really nice puckered up beautiful lips all these women and men are aspiring to look like these celebrities it does make you want to change things about yourself I'm dr. Andre Berger and we're at rejuvenate allottee Institute in Beverly Hills California the mecca of aesthetic medicine and surgery we've got two really pretty girls here today and they would like to just give a little more enhancement to their already beautiful lips they're gonna be like a side angle difference afterwards yeah really yeah oh so you have great lips you like greater lips yeah I want them to be bigger okay so what we have to do is want to give you more volume but we want to match your face too so what we're gonna try and do is give you a really pretty enhancement but you already have pretty lips you just try to make them a little more pretty me on the other slightly different hey looks aren't quite as nice as they are in the future beautiful oh thank you in your case however the difference is your field trip is kind of a little bit flat so we want to enhance the Cupid's bow and give you a little more of a philtrum I'll just kind of bring that lip up a little bit is it dangerous at all to do this not if I do it I'm excited I'm really I'm really excited now I'm just I'm really nervous I'm nervous for the procedure like needles scare me a little bit I mean I'm a little nervous like for them to get up to be honest it's like weird to like put your trust in someone else for your face I'm first yeah I literally can't play this is real life right now okay honestly like even though we had a consultation I feel like I don't know like what's gonna actually happen like right now we were joking back there like a few months like oh yeah that'd be so funny if we got lip injections and now it's like the moment is literally here yeah what if they're never the same like what if they're never the same again I'm gonna have a little numbing stuff I lied the gum here before I checked it another little numbing medicine okay how's that feel sometimes okay Larry now oh god no now we're not so good for the way you my god I'm like scared to look like I'm obviously wanted to do what I'm like this again Wow Wow yeah it's a lot different I'm overwhelmed right now congratulations thank you have some ice on you now okay didn't hurt did it no it didn't there you go beautiful lips no Kate I can't we actually did that I feel myself I can't feel my face at all so it's the 10 o'clock at night and I'm laying in my bed and it's like really sore I can kind of like see him anxiety like it feels like kind of like soul and this point I'm like damn was this really worth how I feel right now my opinion of lip injections has definitely changed over the course of this last week one thing I hadn't considered beforehand was that it would actually hurt and I would actually be in physical pain afterwards I thought going into it that I was going to just be like a couple needles there a couple nails clear then you're done and then you have nice plum plaits but it was actually like this whole thing now I know that it's a lot more serious and it's not something that you should take lightly after they numbed my lips I had this moment where I was sitting there and I thought what did I get myself into we talk about celebrities and like oh she got her lips done and we don't really talk about the fact that there are actual people and they actually had to go into the doctor's office get needles in their face I probably wouldn't do it again just because whole thing was so involved I feel like I'm really 50/50 on if I would and I actually like it and I'm getting more used to it but also knowing all of the things that go into getting it I think overall we're just too critical everyone has a really great lives I definitely have a new appreciation for my old flips I don't think that they are as bad as I thought they were if you want to make a change it happy because you want it not because what other people are going to say or think about it

Thanks Noel your participation is very much appreciated
- Beatris Drafts

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how much does an llc cost in md where can i get lip fillers

how much does an llc cost in md where can i get lip fillers