how much for an llc in ga online [Deep Research]

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Last updated : Sept 1, 2022
Written by : Anjanette Eidem
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how much for an llc in ga online

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how much for an llc in ga online

Comment by Jaime Tofil

what's up guys Devin here with another quick video on how to go about creating an LLC or in a limited liability company in the state of Georgia I know it varies state from state in state of Georgia you actually can not to sell online I know a lot of states may require you to physically go to the county office and Georgia it's really quick and it's really simple so today I'm going to walk you through the steps of creating your LLC online in addition I'm going to show you how to go about creating your tax ID number or your EIN for your business because this is one of those things that's extremely vital to do things like maybe open up a business account for your business so I'm gonna walk you through all these stuff and of course guys if you like the video if you learn something new please don't hesitate to press that like button down below and of course don't forget to subscribe for more alright let's get started so I'm gonna go ahead and pull up my internet here good old Google right and then what we're gonna do is we're gonna type in Georgia secretary iterative state just like that right and you're gonna go to the Georgia Secretary of State website typically it would be the first option unless you type in Georgia secretary state right from there you're gonna corporations okay and then there and put on my face a bit you're gonna hit file online okay it's really really quick and really simple so once you get here you're gonna go to online services and you're gonna have to create a username and password so if you don't have one created already I would advise you to go ahead and knock this process on so let me continue for all you would do is literally hit this button right here says create a user account right cool right so moving on I already have one set up so I'm just gonna go ahead and get my game it takes a few seconds but what you get in here you're gonna then hit where it says create or a register or I'm sorry create eight or register a business here it is right here against off to little arrow right there on the side right here create or register business so I'm gonna go ahead and get back create a register business like so okay and what you're gonna do is I am creating a new domestic business now if you heard I'm a not a Georgia resident or business that is in good standing or in its place of formation you just hit this other option but this is for those who are creating a new entity or a new business right you're gonna heat er select domestic limited partnerships are a domestic limited liability company so word because we're creating an LLC now if you wanted to create those other options from on profit corporation nonprofit a limited partnership and so on you can choose a lot but for the point of this video we're gonna go ahead and knock out the limited liability company because we want to create an LLC right okay so next we don't have a business registration of a reservation number if you do we get to let you would select yes and put it in here but in this case you know be a brand brand spanking new we don't have so we're gonna get note and continue for to our next option here you're gonna place your business a let's just say Bob Marley real estate right oh and it must contain LLC all right this is a limited liability company our next option let's say the Marley brothers LLC right these aren't needed but in the event that you can't use that particular registered name if it's taken already you you'll have a lot to choose from or they will have other options for you to work with right okay it's applicable upload of a letter of name approval one from an appropriate agency and I think this is if you were needing some type of a pool from a particular agency in this instance this isn't needed hopefully the name you choose does it require any of that good stuff since it's a unique name that you're going to use and it's not from some or rather it's you don't have you don't need any terms of documentation needed from like your partners or a specific business to continue forward all right so we're gonna go ahead and continue forward to our next business purpose here in a ICS Co so basically what it's asking is for what does your business have to do what is it witnessed a niche for me personally we're dealing with real estate so I would obviously like the option where it says real estate right so I would go to real estate and Lynch leasing and then furthermore you have a sub code here in my particular instance I would use let's say other activities related to real estate but again just depending on your niche you know you have several options to choose from let's choose something that's you know mostly related to your particular business so that whenever they do go through and create your your LLC for you you'll have something or that code that is strictly strictly specific to your business of choice right so once you get that done you're gonna go here and put in your address so let's see I'm just gonna use one of these old addresses here I have so many so let's just use this headers here I think this is from a house I was working on selling so you just put in your address to city and county or country furthermore you'll put the state in the zip code right next you also put an email address so I'll just fill in some information on one of my email addresses I have so just simply put down your primary you put down the secondary email address if need be I'm just going to keep that blank you could burn that primary email address also you are going to create a registered agent so this is the person that basically creates is LLC for you or that needs to go in and do any of these is filing for you so again in my case I put it in my name all my information just like so right and it fills in here you go hit add right once you have it had it you'll see it add it here right under there there's no other optional provisions that I need so I'm just going to continue forward and then all you do next is just hit this box claiming the Fowler's the Defiler is surreal and that you're you're you're certifying that everything is accurate right okay so I'm the ultimate signer and the authorizer title is going to be for myself I would put member because I'm a member of the organization right so I'm going to board oh it says please create the registered agent some what reason why I have myself selected here here we go so you got to make sure all this good stuff still damn form looks like he continued his trade a registered agent it still says that so this is I don't know why this part gets pretty iffy so here what I'm gonna do I'll create my girl information here I'm gonna meet your Italy guy - all right we'll click email and all that good stuff here you got we're in Fulton County so I'll just you'll just create this based on where you are right there go all right let's see if that works everyone at work all right cool so here we are we're almost done reading the review stage here so are you gonna do next is this verify everything looks good Bob miles real estate or the multi brothers see you got your address here let's see principal purpose is real estate in

Thanks for your comment Jaime Tofil, have a nice day.
- Anjanette Eidem, Staff Member

Comment by stadslewe6

and i am back with another video showing you all how to file your llc specifically for those living in the state of georgia now if you're not in the state of georgia i'm sure that this can work for your specific state so i would just do a quick google research and type in how to file an llc and then insert your city or your state and go to their government website usually you'll know that it's their government website because it'll have dot gov at the end of the url but essentially it's just that easy in terms of figuring out whether or not you can file through this date in the last video that i did i did mention how to file your llc through legalzoom and i got a lot of comments about why not just file it through the state you can save a lot of money which is true yes but this is the same thing as asking oh why don't i just file my taxes myself rather than going to turbo tax turbo tax is a convenience and they offer their services in return for payment so that's very similar to what legalzoom does i'm going to show you how to go the route of doing it yourself i just typed into google how to file an llc in georgia you're going to see first things first is legalzoom and again they offer a service for a fee it makes it a lot more convenient to file your llc however if you wanted to save a few hundred bucks here you'll come down and you'll see the government issued website so let's go here i just clicked the link directly from google and it took me to a limited liability company is and it gives you that definition how do i register an llc with georgia tech secretary of state it'll list those steps out for you you'll need a name and a good way to find out whether or not a name is available in the state of georgia is to use legalzoom it's very easy to do you just go to what you'll do is you will go to business llc and what do you want to call your llc i in my last video i called mine empathic studios and i will check the availability in the state of georgia and it'll tell me it's available that's what we want to see so that's the best way to check whether or not your llc is available next you want the name and address of the person filing for the llc typically this will be yourself if you have a business office i would highly recommend using that address if you have a business address for or sorry an email address for your business that's important doesn't have to be set up right away you can use your personal email not that big of a deal mailing address of the principal office again if you have a physical office that's great or you can use a virtual office and again that's just going to google typing in virtual office and then enter your city so i'm going to go with atlanta and you can see a bunch of different virtual offices i never click on the ads here even though that's what they're paying for i like to go to the first couple ones i also like to look at the reviews to make sure you know what you're getting yourself into but let's just say i wanted to go with regis i have had an office at regis before in tampa it was great highly recommend it and um you can kind of check out their prices i do recommend calling first to see what your options are but they offer virtual offices and what a virtual office is is basically it allows you to use their address for your business and you can receive all of your mail and everything to that office next thing is to have a name and address of the registered agent i get a lot of questions about registered agencies this is the person that's going to be the point of contact for the irs this is the person that's going to be listed online for everyone to see as the point of contact for the business or the registered agent for the business this could be yourself or it could be a tax agent or it can be any again you go to google you type in registered agent and insert your city name and address of each organizer so this is for every member of your llc you will need need a name and address this doesn't necessarily have to be your home address this can be the same virtual address or business office that you have and each member under the llc can use that office as their address any optional provisions you need to add to your articles of organization now in my last video on how to file your llc for legalzoom i talked about legalzoom offering you articles of organization as one of their services it's really important to have that if you have multiple members in your llc because it tells you it tells the law it tells the state how you guys are going to run your business and how you're going to dissolve the business should someone want to leave or how you are going to offer shares of the business should it go public or should someone else decide to enter or leave the business and then finally a form of payment again the greatest advantage of doing filing your llc this way is the fact that it is a lot cheaper than going the route of legalzoom for example you save about 100 bucks depending on what state you're in in florida i was able to file for an llc a single member llc for about 200 bucks so let's say that was the same as it was in georgia then i would be saving about a hundred dollars going this route so the next step is to create and file registration so we're doing it online you can do it in mail or in person you want to visit the state's online services page and then next you want to create an account and then select create or register a business okay so now that we've clicked this link this is what the page looks like and we're then going to go to online services click ok not sure what that says we're going to click on create a user account and i'm going to go ahead and enter my information and get right back with you all okay awesome so i've created my account and now i'm inside of here and there is a lot going on here but we're gonna ignore everything but this button right here that says create or register a business we're gonna click on that and i'm gonna say i'm creating a new domestic business and you just want to follow through the prompts we're doing a dime a domestic limited liability company i made another video on the difference between a corporation a partnership and a llc so be sure to check that video out if you're unsure of which one to pick here but for the purpose of this video i'm going to go ahead and click limited liability company do you have a business name reservation number no this is basically just saying that you've already filed for a name and they gave you a number for that name and then you can insert one or two options if you're unsure of whether or not your company's name is going to be available but again you can go through legalzoom to check on the availability of your name i would put a few backups just in case legalzoom isn't fully synced with the state of georgia yet business purpose so you want to find one that is as close to your business as possible you may not get something that's exact if you're unsure again google is going to be your best friend in this process i actually had to look up my naics code on google the first time i ever did this and then yo

Thanks stadslewe6 your participation is very much appreciated
- Anjanette Eidem

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how much for an llc in ga online

how much for an llc in ga online