how much is an llc in pa lookup [Must-Know Tips]

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Last updated : Aug 25, 2022
Written by : Geoffrey Badgley
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how much is an llc in pa lookup

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how much is an llc in pa lookup

Comment by Latina Malfatti

there I'm going to show you how to perform a business entity search of the Pennsylvania Department of State's database there are a couple of reasons why you might want to perform the search one of them being to check the availability of a desired operating in and that's possible by clicking the link here in which you will be taken to the Department of State's website shown an image like the one below here and you're going to type in the name in the search bar and click search and if it doesn't show up then it's available but if you get results like the image shown here then unfortunately the name you've entered is currently on file with the state and not available for use if you're searching for the information of an entity already on file then these image shown here is what you will see something like what you'll see and you can click on either the link on the left or on the right or squeeze me in the middle and this will take you to the same page in which you will be able to view the entity details of that specific entity and you will see an image like the one shown here in which you can purchase additional documents down here or you can just view the general details of the business at the top so that's it for performing a business entity search it's really simple and encourage you to read all the information here to find out more alright bye

Thanks for your comment Latina Malfatti, have a nice day.
- Geoffrey Badgley, Staff Member

Comment by Maurita

welcome to the business name research video there are a few things to keep in mind when selecting your business name your desired business name must be distinguishable besides the state's online database which we will show you later you will need to do further research in order to verify name availability there are certain restrictions and requirements to keep in mind regarding the use of certain words and abbreviations in your business name a name is available for use if it is distinguishable from the names of existing organized entities organized entity means any corporation limited liability company partnership or any other organizational types of business example you would like to go with the name speedy delivery services LLC but during your research you find a company by the name of speedy delivery services Incorporated although this is a corporation its name is identical years and therefore is not distinguishable another example would be speed delivery service LLC although the spelling is not exactly correct this name is too similar to your desired business name and for both of these examples you would have to select an alternative in simpler terms if there's an existing business that already has your desired name or one that is similar you will need to choose an alternative while doing your online research there is however one exception that exception is fictitious names these are not organized entities the filing of a fictitious name does not create any exclusive or any other write in such name later on in this video during the online database research we will show you how to determine whether or not a business name is a fictitious name or not after researching the state's online database it is best to conduct a thorough offline search in order to verify your findings recommendations include telephone directories and trade magazines and/or catalogs keep in mind though that once you file for your LLC the state will double check its availability if your desired name is not available or it is not distinguishable the state will simply mail back your articles of organization stating that you muscle the new name for small businesses that need a quick turnaround we recommend doing the extra research upfront if your business is not a corporation which in this case it is not it's a limited liability company you cannot use the words incorporated or corporation or an abbreviation of either such as Inc or a Corp your LLC must contain the word some limited liability company or the abbreviation LLC dot or LLC example speedy delivery services limited liability company or speedy delivery services LLC with periods and without the name of your business cannot imply that you are a governmental unit example a city a village or a barrel by using such names and vulgar names are not allowed take some time to think about your business name you can make it easy to remember easy to spell and something remarkable at this point you should have your desired business name we recommend thinking of an alternative name now in case you find yours is unavailable example you'd like to go with speedy delivery services LLC but as an alternative you could choose speed services LLC or at your door quick LLC now that you have your desired business name and an alternative in mind let's move forward to the online research the link that will be provided will take you to the state's online database where you will search your desired business name against all of the registered businesses and corporations in the state let's head on over to the state's website here we are at the Pennsylvania Department of State corporations database I'm going to show you three examples today that will help you while doing your online research we're going to start with our first desired business name let's say you have a consulting company and you'd like to go with the name ages consultants a few things to keep in mind the button that says starting with which is selected is fine you do not need to enter the letters LLC or the words limited liability company while doing your searches and capitalization is not important I'm going to enter ages consultants and hit Search I'm going to enter the CAPTCHA on the next page and hit continue search you'll notice here that the results brought up one business underneath business type you can see that it is a business corporation and you'll see that the name ages Consultants Inc is a registered business with the state of Pennsylvania therefore your desired business name is not distinguishable and you will need to go with an alternative let's say you have a desserts company and you like to go with the name desserts first enter those terms into the search box hit search again enter the CAPTCHA on the next page and you'll notice here that we have four results given to us by the State desserts first desserts first and two desserts first cafe you'll notice under the business type however that these are fictitious names as mentioned earlier fictitious names do not have any right in securing that business name and therefore if you'd like to move forward and use this name that will be okay let's go with our third example which will be at your door quick LLC going to go back to the search box enter it hit search again enter the CAPTCHA and you'll notice on the next page it says no results were found for the search criteria at your door quick what this means is that according to the database there are no existing businesses fictitious names limited liability companies or corporations with the business name at your door quick therefore you can then use this name for your business you can now move forward on to the next step which is your articles of organization

Thanks Maurita your participation is very much appreciated
- Geoffrey Badgley

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how much is an llc in pa lookup

how much is an llc in pa lookup