how much to renew llc in florida [Expert Review]

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Last updated : Aug 1, 2022
Written by : Herbert Hradecky
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how much to renew llc in florida

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how much to renew llc in florida

Comment by Jean Barrentine

Thanks for this great article

Thanks for your comment Jean Barrentine, have a nice day.
- Herbert Hradecky, Staff Member

Comment by Delphine

what's going on y'all this is rfbm raising the financial bar with mar so this is just a quick video for all of my floridians that are business owners that have their business structured as a llc so for those of you that do not know all floridians that own businesses use in order to provide the public information to form their businesses renew and register so essentially sunbiz is a brand name for florida's division of corporations and an official state of florida website and as you can see here i went to the about us section of the website just so you can get a summary of all their activities and responsibilities if you'd like a video where i show you how you can go ahead and register for your business through sunbiz i can do that at a later time but let's now get back to the focus of the video so with a florida limited liability company that is something that you have to renew every single year now with that being said there is also a deadline so i'm kind of cutting it close but i need to get on it too but you will have until may 1st to reach the deadline in a timely fashion so as you can see here they've given me a reminder through my email that i still haven't done the renewal based on their records and all annual reports for all corporations limited liability companies limited partnerships and limited liability limited partnerships are due each year between january 1st and may 1st so for those that don't know an annual report is a required report that is used to update or confirm the florida department of state division of corporations records it is not a financial statement an annual report must be filed each year for your business entity to maintain an active status with the department of state and is required regardless of whether you need to make changes or not all annual reports must be filed online at so you're probably wondering why it's so important to file that annual report on time well that's why i wanted to make this video i made a mistake a couple years ago of not filing on time because i was a new business owner and this is the biggest reason why so if you don't file on or before may 1st you will receive a 400 non-negotiable late fee that will be imposed on your business so non-profit corporations are not subject to that 400 late fee but any business entity which fails to file its annual report by the third friday of september will be administratively dissolved or revoked in their records on the fourth friday in september so this is just talking about what happens even further past you've already not made that payment on time so administratively dissolved or revoked entities may be reinstated by submitting a reinstatement application and paying all associated fees which include the reinstatement fee and annual report fees due at the time of submission so don't be that guy or girl woman whatever the case get that in on time because those fees are really avoidable and when it comes to doing things with sunbiz they can be very petty so go ahead and go on the website this is what the home page will look like you'll scroll down and then you're going to go ahead and click your annual reports for the filing services you'll go right here to click to do the process of the 2022 annual report which in turn will take you to this landing page and so for those of you that may be confused go ahead and go back and click the area where it shows you the filing instructions instead of clicking for the annual report here there have the different terminology like the document number that you will need every time from the previous year to update as always i appreciate the support if you enjoyed this content please give it a like comment subscribe i look forward to you continuing to watch and support my content i'm going to do more things oriented about small business tips and things that you must do and must have as you can see here they're talking about how they have delays currently processing all of the different things involving online filings however that doesn't change the fact that you need to get that done as soon as possible once again this is rfbm raising the financial bar with more peace love blessings take care our own mind has to be changed we have to change our uh mind about ourselves as well because this world is such a huh

Thanks Delphine your participation is very much appreciated
- Herbert Hradecky

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how much to renew llc in florida

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how much to renew llc in florida

how much to renew llc in florida