how to add dba to llc in florida [New Info]

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Last updated : Aug 3, 2022
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how to add dba to llc in florida

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how to add dba to llc in florida

Comment by Jacquelyne Spieth

a DBA or doing business as is essentially a nickname for your company in Florida a DBA is also called a fictitious name DBAs are a great way to rebrand your company name to add new brands to your company or to change your company name completely for sole proprietors and partnerships DBAs offer the ability to operate under a name that isn't the business owners surname for more information on the specifics of what a DBA is and how it can be used check out our other video linked below in this video we will go over the steps you need to take in order to form a DBA in Florida there are two ways to form a DBA you can do it yourself or you can hire a service to do it for you let's take a look at both options and help you decide how to go about forming your own DBA one do it yourself if you want to save money you can form a DBA on your own let's take a look at the steps to forming a DBA in Florida on your own one complete name searches when determining what you want your DBA name to be you'll want to make sure you follow floor to naming requirements for more details check out our video how to name your business in Florida or our naming guides link below next you'll want to make sure the name is available in Florida the first and most important search is Florida Sun biz fictitious name search if the name is not available you'll have to adjust your name or use a different one we provide instructions to search your business name in Florida on how to start an LLC com linked below searching is free to learn more visit Florida naming guides linked in the description below after confirming your name is available in Florida we recommend doing a domain search to see if your name is available as a URL even if you don't plan on making a website today we recommend buying your domain in order to prevent others from acquiring it to publish a notice for your florida fictitious name Florida requires that all new fictitious names be published once in a newspaper before the business name is registered you must publish your legal notice of intent to file a fictitious name with a newspaper in the county where your principal location is located start by contacting a newspaper in the county of your principal location then request the newspaper publish a legal notice of intent to file a fictitious name check out our pages linked below for what to state in the legal notice of intent to file a fictitious name the exact newspaper requirements can be found in detail in chapter 50 of Florida Statutes linked below but the basic requirements for the publishing newspaper are generally 25% of the publication's words must be written in English the publication must be printed or published at least once a week the publication must be admissible as a periodical in the post office and the county where is published and it should be available and interesting to the public the publication must have been in existence for at least one year and if publishing in a county without a newspaper or publishing online see chapter 50 of florida statutes linked below when it comes to proof of publication florida enforces a criminal variation of the honor system when you sign the form you are promising that you publish the name already and that you did it right the signature line of the application for registration of fictitious name states I further certify that the intention to register the fictitious name to be registered has been advertised at least once in a newspaper as defined in chapter 50 Florida Statutes I understand that the signature below shall have the same legal effect as if made under oath and I am aware that false information submitted in a document to the Department of State constitutes a third degree felony as provided for in s8 17.1 55 FS 3 register your DBA after you've chosen an available name you'll want to register your DBA for all business structures in Florida registration is done through the Secretary of State this can be done online at the son biz fictitious name portal or you can complete the application for registration of fictitious name form and submit it by mail or in-person the application will ask for your DBA name and information about your business such as your business address principal place of business and ein filing fees vary so check out our pages linked below for more detailed information and with that you'll have a DBA in Florida keep in mind that your Florida DBA needs to be renewed by December 31st of the fifth year after registration and every five years after that you can either renew on the son biz DBA portal or by completing and mailing in the application for renewal a fictitious name option two the second way to form a DBA is to hire a professional service to create your DBA for you hiring a professional service to file your forms and do name searches will cost to an additional 50 to 150 dollars however there are several benefits to working with a pro a higher professional files or DBA for you keeps you up to date with renewals and assist with publications DBAs or doing business as are also known as trade names assumed names or fictitious names of the business informal business structures like sole proprietorships and partnerships can use DBAs as their business name instead of their surnames formal business structures like LLC's and corporations can use DBAs as a means to rebrand their name add new brands or change the name they are using as their business name DBAs are not a business structure and are not separate legal entities they also do not provide asset protection or liability protection to informal business structures for state specific guides on how to form a DBA check out the pages linked below and for a more detailed guide visit startup savant com give the video a like if you found it useful and subscribe if you'd like to see more and if you have questions or encounter any roadblocks leave a comment below good luck and starting your small business you

Thanks for your comment Jacquelyne Spieth, have a nice day.
- Consuelo Carfora, Staff Member

Comment by Sharri

i have to record i have to record i'm sorry hey guys welcome back to my channel my name is kate pryor for those that are new i make content based on fashion fitness business and vlogs with that being said let's jump right into the video as you can see from the title i'll be showing you guys how to register your business under a dba which stands for doing business as and it's also referred to as a fictitious name i'll be doing the step-by-step process of how you can file for a dba in florida let's get right into it once you get on this website you will see florida fictitious name registration make sure you review steps one through four because they're very important a lot of people don't know that when you're registering your business under a dba you have to advertise at least once in a newspaper so what i'll do now is go ahead and show you guys how to do that before we get this application process started so what you want to do now is go over to sun sentinel and when you get on this page it'll show you that it's ideal for registration of a fictitious name it'll also show you the starting price what you get and the deadlines go ahead and scroll down until you see select to buy click on it and then click on fictitious name just be mindful of this current total tab because it will change so now you can go over here and click on the date you want to run your ad and it'll show right down here then go over to the progress summary box you will see a check mark by schedule showing you that it's been complete next you want to click on layout and tap on the fictitious name box go ahead and fill out your business name and business address on this page then click on save and continue booking it'll take you to this page and go back to the progress summary box and click on other info under the information for affidavit tab go ahead and click on how you would like to receive it and put in your business email address after all three steps have been completed review the current total tab and click on review and submit you'll review all the information you've entered make a payment and submit it to the newspaper alright once you got all of that done go back over to the dba registration page now that we got that done go ahead and scroll down and click on register a florida fictitious name be sure to read the disclaimer then go ahead and check the acknowledgement box after that click on begin fictitious name registration put your business name to be registered if you got an ein number go ahead and put that in if you haven't done so yet go ahead and click on the link in the description box below it'll take you directly to the irs page and it's completely free this step is also optional so you can also skip it if you want a certificate status it costs ten dollars and it is optional if you want a certified copy it costs thirty dollars and this is optional as well go ahead and fill out your mailing address of business then fill out the owner name and address section if there's more people running this business with you you'll go ahead and fill out the name and address section below once that is complete go ahead and enter your signature and click on continue you'll see a page that pops up with this message go ahead and review the message and then click on close after that it'll take you directly to this page now you could go ahead and select your payment option you can pay with card your sunbiz account or you can pay by mail alright guys so that's pretty much it for this video thank you for watching i hope you found this information to be super helpful and don't forget to like share comment and subscribe you

Thanks Sharri your participation is very much appreciated
- Consuelo Carfora

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how to add dba to llc in florida

how to add dba to llc in florida