how to apply for llc in state of michigan [Detailed Response]

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Last updated : Aug 12, 2022
Written by : Victor Chalender
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how to apply for llc in state of michigan

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how to apply for llc in state of michigan

Comment by Emanuel Halseth

hello everyone welcome to my channel if you live in the state of michigan i'm going to show you how to apply for your articles of organization type this in right here then scroll down to online services on down whoops you directing crazy click right there go to articles whatever business line you're in but i'm going to do the 700 you want to put in your business name skip who skip three and this part right here where it's a agent name if you are a private person and you don't want people in your business um especially if you are a starter business so if you are a starter business most people nowadays are using a personal address so if you put your personal information in anybody can look your business name up come on this website and find you at this address so if you know somebody anybody it can be a stranger you can be uh um i'm not even gonna say but yeah if you do not want nobody knowing where you stay at just put a name right here and an address you really not getting nothing mailed to you but if you give something mailed to you the only thing they're really sending to you in the mail is um the letter they send every year telling you you got to pay that fee in february but if you got a p.o box because most people don't know who po boxes belong to so you can put a p.o box right there but agent name if you put your name right there and your personal address that's public records anybody can pull that up but me personally i will not put my information right there so put somebody name right there basically it's just in a third party filling out the information for you so put the agent name right there honestly you can leave this blank but just put somebody name you have to put somebody name anybody name you know what i mean skip right there skip skip audit then you have to put your real name right here your name is set add sorry about that then here this is not public records so contact information you're going to put your real information in you're going to put the business name yo uh rio address phone number and your email address you're going to put your email address in right here also this is where they're going to send you your username and pin when you need to uh do any updates or whatever if you press mail they gonna send the information in the mail and that's to the registered office what i was talking about up top right here so that's so imma go back so if you don't have an email you don't want it to go to an email you can put an address right here but remember this section right here is public records yeah they can find you the stalkers can find you okay go back down put in all your information your business name and your mailing address city state like i said this stuff right here the world don't see that they will see your articles of organization in your email so put your email address right there depending on how fast you need it but i do standard it's fifty dollars it usually comes in like two to three days and i'm just gonna say just to be on a safe side i'll just say a week but i never seen it you know coming a week but 24 hour review that's gonna be a hundred dollars it costs fifty dollars to file and then ask for fifty dollars for them to review to review it in 24 hours same day a hundred dollars but add another fifty dollars two hour review five hundred dollars with an extra fifty dollars a thousand dollars out of fifty dollars on top of that but it ain't that serious y'all just do the standard then do review oh i forgot to put llc you have to put llc or something behind that and something i learned also you guys you have to put llc behind it when you know setting it all up but when you put your business out there do not put llc behind your business name don't do it but it took out all my information i'm not going to put the information back in again but after you you know go through all that pick which one you want click review and then on the next page it's just going to have you you know put in your credit card information and all that and press submit and like i said it's going to take like a couple of days and that's all for this video if you like this video like share and subscribe until next time

Thanks for your comment Emanuel Halseth, have a nice day.
- Victor Chalender, Staff Member

Comment by baisintis7

hey i'm destiny welcome back to my youtube channel and if you haven't already go ahead and subscribe to my channel because my channel is about building our businesses having multiple side hustles and also self-care so if those topics interest you make sure you go ahead and subscribe and in today's video is going to be a step-by-step tutorial of how to file for your michigan llc so this is going to be catered to my michigan subscribers and if you don't already know this year michigan has started allowing us to file for our llcs online so i'm going to walk you through the whole online process so if this interests you make sure you go ahead and stay tuned so the first thing i'm going to do is pull up google and just do a michigan llc online search that way it'll get me directly to the website but to make it easier for you all i'm going to go ahead and drop the direct website link in the comments below so i do want to put out a disclaimer that this is how i did my personal llc for my business that's the hair collection so and if you're nervous about this process you can go ahead and hire a professional or you may find some local resources in your city who may also help you do this so as you can see with the results loading we're going to go ahead and select the corporation's online filing system we're going to go ahead and select form 700 for the articles of organization for the domestic limited liability company and article 1 that's where you're gonna put your business name and like i said before i'm using dusty hair collection and you do wanna put the comma llc and then we're going to go on to article 2 and article 2 i normally skip that portion because i'm just doing a basic llc for myself but if you did have some other roles or duties that you wanted to add i would say leave that up to a professional just to make sure you get it right so we're gonna go ahead and go down to article three in article three you can leave blank unless you're doing a limited term llc where you're gonna do something like you're only gonna be in business for maybe one to three months where you want to put that down otherwise you can just leave it blank and then we're gonna go to article four and article four is where you're gonna start entering your business information so one thing about article four it is public records so whatever information you put on here anyone will be able to find that information so i always use my business address and since you're doing this process yourself you don't need to fill out number three where it says registered office mailing address because that's if you actually hire someone to do your llc and they're the registered agent and in that case they'll put their information there and then they'll send all your business documents to that address but since you're doing it yourself you don't have to worry about that and we're going to go down to the next article where you see there's a blank box and then that blank box if it applies to you you'll put article number five and this article is for if you want your llc to be dated for a day in the future which is no more than 90 days after they received this document then you'll put that date in the effective date spot otherwise you'll just leave it blank and then you go down here to the signature portion you go ahead and put yourself as the organizer and then you'll select accept then for the submitter's contact information this is where you'll put your information so that way if something goes wrong they'll be able to contact you and most importantly make sure you have the correct email address because that's the email address they're going to be contacting you at to let you know once everything goes through and also to send you a digital copy and at the bottom it gives you the option to select your delivery method which you can either do email or mail which for me i personally do email because it's a lot easier for me but if you want to choose mail then you can choose that option as well and the next thing we're going to look at the different service fees so like most of us we're going to choose the standard review which is free so that method normally takes around i believe mine took up to three to five days but if you're in a rush you can do fifty dollars they have same day review a hundred dollars a two hour review 500 or one hour review which is one thousand so it's pretty much based on your preferences then before you can go to the next page make sure you verify that your all of your information is correct and now it's time to make the payment so in the state of michigan all you have to do is pay the 50 filing fee and you can pay it by credit or debit card and once you're done making your payment you're pretty much done with the llc process and then you'll wait for the email correspondence and sometimes they might have corrections for you and they might not but other than that it's a pretty simple process and if you have any comments or questions you can drop them in the comments section below and i'm going to try and stay up to date on these comments because i know it could be a little tricky so just be a little patient with me as i try and get back or if i don't get back to you as soon as possible make sure you send me an email thank you so much for watching this video today and if you haven't already go ahead and subscribe to my channel make sure to give this video a thumbs up and if you want to see more videos like this drop that and other suggestions in the comment section if you need more help with your business make sure you visit my website or you can visit my social media channels which is i am destiny adams on instagram facebook snapchat and twitter i do have a business page that is the traveling hair boss so yeah thank you so much for watching this long and make sure you stay tuned for the next video thank you you

Thanks baisintis7 your participation is very much appreciated
- Victor Chalender

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how to apply for llc in state of michigan

how to apply for llc in state of michigan