how to close an llc in florida [Expert Approved]

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Last updated : Sept 27, 2022
Written by : Deandre Grams
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how to close an llc in florida

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how to close an llc in florida

Comment by Prince Reust

hello Jim Bakker here I'm making a video today to show you how to dissolve your business in Florida and as a similar procedure and different states no because you register your LLC in a specific state so today I'm specifically going over to solving a business in Florida and you can do it online it's fairly easy and I'm gonna show you right now so if you basically if you're deciding to close your business you have got your bank account you close your account you need to close the file final tax returns which is what I do I specialize in and then you need to actually close the LLC with the state so I'll leave the link in the description of the video oops intro see and basically you go to this link and then you can file online articles of dissolution for-profit nonprofit court so if you have a corporation you do that way article the dissolution for an LLC and then we have a for identity withdrawal so if you have an entity that's registered this was set up outside of Florida and you are doing business in Florida so you registered in Florida this is how you withdraw from Florida so right now we're going to dissolve the LLC so review the instructions and you can definitely check these out you know the final piece $25 green establishing it so it's the south of here those are the some details you know the information and then you have a valid form payment each of you pay with credit card it's pretty simple so we're going to file this right now so to do this you need the document number for your company so it's pretty easy you probably don't have it but let's do it son biz LLC lookup so we're going to do any name so it's just corporations LLC's partnerships trademarks by name so we're going to search by that's my name Jim port st. active there's the vacuum a number I'm gonna copy that I'm gonna go here with the doctor number in and you start the dissolution filing I'm not gonna actually oh it's a it's inactive we need an active company I'm not gonna actually do it Jim LLC that there we gotta do with the document number in start this into filing so I'm not gonna do it because this isn't I don't know who this is but you do this you can get a certified copy if you want you need to put your email address put the effective date and usually it's the data filing if you close it earlier then you can put that date it cannot be prior to a more than 90 days after the date of filing describe why you're dissolving and that's it I mean the person who is appointed to close the company you put the information here sign it and then continue and then you make the payment it's $25 for Florida I mean hurry and it is I think 35 for a corporation yeah so so that's basically it it's pretty straightforward I'll put the links in the description so if you're looking to dissolve a company do it that way don't forget to yes C $35 for a quart don't forget to file your final tax return and close your bank account and cancel any other subscriptions than you have gonna so I'll be helpful I wish you best luck in your next business venture because I guess this one didn't work and don't forget to subscribe if you're watching on YouTube thanks

Thanks for your comment Prince Reust, have a nice day.
- Deandre Grams, Staff Member

Comment by cernecyncpypeA

[Applause] hey guys this is robert with malawi law we help entrepreneurs just like you start their businesses without dealing with the complicated legal forms and we are also the number one highest rated business law firm for entrepreneurs with more than fifteen hundred five star google reviews today we are going to talk about whether you should dissolve your llc if you are no longer using it and whether you can put your llc on hold to avoid paying fees so many of our clients formed llc's in the past and they no longer use them and they wonder if they should dissolve it or not they also realize that they have been getting notices from the state informing them that they owe money despite the llc making no money or even operating at all and for our clients they're wondering if they have to pay these fees or the money to the state so in this video i'm going to address both of these questions so let's get started also keep in mind that unlike sole proprietorships where p where there is not a whole lot you have to do to wind up the business or close the business with llc that's a little bit more complicated and you'll likely have to file some documents with your secretary of state so first let me inform you that dissolving your business is another name for closing or shutting down your business so to begin or so to begin let me explain that one of the common reasons people choose to dissolve their llc's when they are no longer conducting business is to avoid paying the annual state renewal fees to keep the llc active if your llc is no longer conducting business then you can't just simply do nothing and you can't just not pay the state the annual fees if you do do this then the state may continue to charge you the annual fees and may even charge you interest on certain fees that they have not been paid eventually the state will also suspend your llc and you will continue to rack up these fees and once this happens then the state will not let you officially dissolve the llc until all taxes and fees have been paid so in reality you will just continue to incur the annual state fees until you pay the state what it is owed and properly dissolve the llc for example some states such as delaware will charge you a 200 late fee and will also charge you interest if you don't pay the franchise tax fee so in order to avoid these late fees and penalties and potentially the interest fees then it is important to officially dissolve your llc the right way and in accordance with your state's requirements so ultimately there is no need to be alarmed if your llc has been inactive but be sure to not wait too long to dissolve it otherwise you risk having to pay hefty fees to your state of incorporation so now you're probably wondering how to properly dissolve your llc and generally dissolving your business just involves filing a form to the business division of your state's secretary of state's office the state may also require that you pay the state fee and send payments along with the dissolution documents for some states there is no charge and for others the fee can be hundreds of dollars it is important to check with the business division at your secretary of state's office to find out the exact procedure so overall don't get too overwhelmed if you're in this situation but keep in mind that you shouldn't wait too long if you are no longer using your llc then it is important to dissolve it so that you can avoid getting hit with many of the fees and potential interest payments also some states won't let you officially dissolve the llc until you pay everything that is owed to them so it is important to not just let your llc incur fees each year because eventually the state will try to collect the money from you so if you're an entrepreneur looking to dissolve your business or start a business in the united states then click on the link below to schedule a free consultation with us during the phone call we will be able to determine your specific requirements to dissolve the llc in your state and we will explain the advantages of doing so and we can also determine if you should keep your llc opened and just use it for a different business purpose so go ahead and click the link below and also if you have any questions just post them below and my team and i will try to get to them as soon as possible i'll see you guys in the next video

Thanks cernecyncpypeA your participation is very much appreciated
- Deandre Grams

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how to close an llc in florida

how to close an llc in florida