how to create an llc in florida sunbiz [New Data]

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Last updated : Sept 4, 2022
Written by : Clyde Wyndham
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how to create an llc in florida sunbiz

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how to create an llc in florida sunbiz

Comment by Seth Yancy

hello everybody i want to first and foremost say thank you thank you so much for taking your time to basically listen to my tutorial on how to fill out an llc in the state of florida i just want to first and foremost say that i am not an attorney i'm not a licensed attorney um i'm just going to i'm just basically explaining to you my process and how i've been able to find llc without an attorney and it's been successful 100 of time that i've done it thank you okay hello everybody so to begin the filing information you basically want to put the date that you actually are filling out this application i mean ideally if you are going to be filling out this application with multiple people have everybody there if not if you if you're by yourself you don't have to worry about that but i would highly recommend if you are a multi-member llc to have everybody with you while you're doing this so the effective date is the date that um you want to fill this out which is why i have the six today's the sixth of january uh 2020 happy new year by the way once again and the filing fee is 125 so now as you can see here you can actually check off the certificate status or certified copy essentially the certificate status lets you know or lets other people know if your llc is in good standing which means have they paid their annual fees by the end of the year or beginning of the year i should say and a certified copy is basically a certified copy of the email that you'll get once your llc is actually approved i really if i wouldn't i never actually checked either those off uh there's not really any need in my opinion even when you have to fill up go to the bank and open the bank account they could easily just go on search and um find your company there and see that you're in good standing and that should be able to help you get your bank open i've never had any issues with that so with your company name as you can see i just put a you know just a random company name tim jim shack llc make sure you have llc after the name or l period l period c period it specifies that below as you can see but ideally for the company name just to give you a quick pointer you want your company name to a not be taken already be not be taken by any other means and by that i mean make sure all the social handles whether it's facebook instagram twitter linkedin anything else is not taken um the email is not taken as well as a domain is not taken so those are very important um because what you can do an issue that you can actually run into is if you have if you thought of the name of a company and you really like the name and then you realize oh man the domain is taken now you're gonna have to either switch everything for the domain or like switch to email a little bit i mean it's it's just a lot smoother if everything is coherent and is the same rather than you having to put on the email the tim jim shack or the the tim jim shack dot com um things like that because it's it just looks a little bit sloppy so do your research on the company name a good pointer is a app i've actually used in the past it's called name checker essentially what it does is you have uh it actually shows you the social handles the email and i believe the domain as well uh in regards to a company name that you might be looking for and it lets you know what's available was taken if everything's available you're good to go if not you might want to reconsider but you know the company name is very important so once you fill out the company name you want to put the principal place of business um basically you know put put wherever um the the place of business the company is is pretty self-explanatory the mailing address typically is the same if you have a po box i'd recommend you putting stuff in the po box essentially because if you are using your home address as the principal place of business then you you don't want your other males to get mixed up within your your company mail so po box could be good for that if not just use your your principal mailing address it's not a big deal but i would highly highly recommend a po box now a name of a registered agent so basically registered agent is someone that's going to report to the department when you have to file things the registered agent can be a member of the company or it can be um somebody a third party essentially um but the address cannot be the appeal box as i mentioned before so essentially after that you have to um put the signature of the registered agent that you decide now any provisions for any other provisions i've never actually never filled this out um i've never had to and i never had any issues with it so this is now going to talk about the notice of annual reporting like i mentioned earlier by the end of the year and starting of every new year you're going to have until january 1st to may 1st of every year to basically pay your dues which is a little bit under 140 dollars uh to remain active in the department of florida's eyes if not you either may suffer a hefty late fee of about 400 or you just will remain inactive um so just keep up to date with that if i were you i'd put a reminder on your phone just like hey i gotta pay um the annual fee with to to basically avoid any confusion or any problems in the future so correspondence name and email essentially this is going to be where everything's going to be emailed to you it can be the owner you can put you can be it could be the owner it could be the company's email it could be um just a side email just for business uh documents from the government whatever you want to do i just put an email for this like you mentioned before you want to do electronic signature do that now it's going to go a little bit into more of the personnel in your company so this part is actually very important now in terms of llc you can either be a member um llc member based llc or a manager-based llc so basically the difference is a manager can be a member and members are typically the owners of the llc but a manager can also be a third-party entity that kind of makes the decisions of the companies for you now the difference between that and a member based llc is the members aka the owners actually make all decisions for the company they don't have a third party to do that and lastly you can also have a authorized representative or authorized person authorized by either the members or the managers to make the decision to excuse me to sign off documents for you for the articles of florida to get things done for you but ideally if you are just a couple people um you you might as well just put members um because you are the owners if you actually have a large group of individuals that are going to be a part of this llc then that's probably the time i would i might want to consider you know consulting with an attorney just for a asset perfect protection purposes uh because there's gonna be a lot of you um and if you are actually a large group and you are you want to kind of third party this operation to a to a different entity you can do that as well but essentially let's say you you're two or t

Thanks for your comment Seth Yancy, have a nice day.
- Clyde Wyndham, Staff Member

Comment by pouldu884

hi everyone and welcome to my channel my name is Jeanette Carrera and I am the CEO of virtual business tutorials today we will show you the steps of how to register your business in Florida if you liked the video give it a thumbs up if you do not like it please comment down below what didn't you like so that we can address it in future videos don't forget to subscribe and turn on the notifications so you don't miss on my new videos and without further after you let's jump into the action let's start by going to some bistek or here we're gonna select start a business and under a start a filing we are gonna choose profit corporation here we're gonna select file or correct Florida profit Articles of Incorporation and before we go further I would like to let you know that before you file to register your business just make sure that you check the name of your business that it was available to be used so it means that if I wanted my business to be named very tall business tutorials before I registered that name I had to go to the third records and search for that name and make sure that nobody else was using it so after you complete that task you can come up here and start registering your business whenever you are on this webpage just make sure that you go around and you read all the instructions here where you know click I mean we're gonna check to certify that we have read and that we accept the Terms and after that we're gonna click on a start new filing in here we're gonna enter the effective date if you can see there you can whenever you are at the website just click on what is an effective date and it's gonna give you a description of what it is more or less what it says is that the effective day can be five stays prior to the date of submission or up to 90 days after the date of receipt then after that one after you and put the effective date you have the option to shoes for certificate of status and a certified copy both of them cost $8.75 and basically the certificate of the status certifies that the corporation is in good standing for the division as corporation and the certified copied certifies the Articles of Incorporation asked you and correct so let's continue we're gonna put the corporate name in this case virtual business tutorials I took that we're gonna add the corporate stock shares I just put a hundred we're gonna add the principal place of business the address if the mailing address is the same as your principal place of business just check on this box where it says that is same as principal address right after that we're gonna enter who the registered agent is the register agent asked her the division of corporation is the person that will accept service of process on behalf of your of a business entity so just go ahead read the description so that you have a idea of what a register agent is and you know who you should put as a registered agent making a fine then we can place the name of the incorporated in this case the incorporator is the person completing the dis priming with the name aunty address noticing here before we go down the bride up off where is this notice of annual report you need to make note of this because whenever your file or whatever you register for your business the next year we'll be required to file an annual report so read through all this and just make a note so you don't forget so after you have finished recording the incorporator name and address just go ahead and sign right here either you can put a description of the business I mean the corporate purpose or you can just check and it will say any and all lawful business read always and it says do not check this box if a professional association you must list specific purchase below so you have two hundred and forty characters remaining then after that we're gonna fill out for the name and email address and they need an email address because they're gonna be contacting you through the email after we finished writing the email then we're gonna go to the officer and director you're gonna put all the officers and directors if it is only one to spit one if it is more than one go ahead and list everyone after you finish click continue so when you hit continue it will ask you to review everything that you have done review it and then click continue and you're gonna get online filing information right here I highlighted this because it's very important and it is that to allow one to two business days for your document to be examined and filed by the office you should not be applying for the federal employer identification number yet so whenever you get an email from the division of corporations are telling you that your company has been affected then you can go ahead and apply for the FBI and click continue and in this page is the payment page you will be selecting either by the car payment or as some busy file accounting in this case which shows credit card so click on credit card payment or the Samba see file I counterpane it right here just below the information as requested and whenever you are done then click Submit just make sure that if you click Submit and it's just still running just let it run a don't click back because you can create a duplicate payment so just let the system work and after you click Submit then you cannot get your corporate filing payment confirmation there's gonna be a document number save it because you're gonna be using it whenever you apply for the cells tax and unemployment this is it thank you very much for watching

Thanks pouldu884 your participation is very much appreciated
- Clyde Wyndham

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how to create an llc in florida sunbiz

how to create an llc in florida sunbiz