how to find contact info for an llc [Excellent Tips]

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Last updated : Aug 21, 2022
Written by : Horacio Faux
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how to find contact info for an llc

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how to find contact info for an llc

Comment by Dalton Narimatsu

hey this is two ways to find contact info for tiny local businesses I'm Alex Berman from inspired beats I'm the chief marketing sumo over here 20 million dollars in leads generated 2 million in b2b sales and a digital nomad so let's jump into it I got this question from a viewer a couple days ago he said what's a good cold email template to use when you don't know who the business owner or the decision-maker is my answer to this is find out who the business owner or decision maker is and then use the same templates we always talk about I used to make cold calls for eight hours a day to these small businesses as the third hire for a company called Findlay I was hiring or I was calling karate places and painters and all these small shops around New York City and the best way to find the contact info of the owner is still the cold call and ask however you know cold calling it sucks if you want to do it go for it it's a very effective way to find the info it's terrible it's not even as effective as sending cold emails so there had to be a better way with that here are two ways to find contact info for local businesses and before I jump into it another way to find contact info is inspire beats we do lead generation for b2b companies including these small businesses so number one is the face book sweep so if you don't want to call a lot of the time you can find a Facebook page for the company and there's usually only one or two people that like the posts so you search for a local business click on one at random I try to go with one with very few likes scroll down and you see each one of these posts only has two likes on it so Camila landano Karina Alvarez who likes this one Helen owner so if you click on these people you'll see a Helen owner all she does is share my global webs posts or you can look at the Facebook pages About section for more info so a lot of the times you just look for a restaurant scroll down find one at random and then on the about page page info and there you go general manager's name right there if there's no lock on Facebook you can try number two which is Yelp comments many times for small businesses the owner's names will be right in Yelp reviews so let's go over to one of these pages and if you look here Apple Tree deserve six stars really special place if you keep running if you keep breathing I would have kept him there longer if we were still in SF jasmine and her staff are great with kids and the parents so the owner's name is Jasmine for apple tree daycare if your targets a services based business most of these are on LinkedIn even like one or two person companies but you can also if you have their website check for testimonials because a lot of the times they'll call out like hey Mark did a great job and usually marks the owner if they're a tiny company once you have the name you can try guessing the email address using the strategy in this video I'll put a link in the description as well if you can't guess the email address send it to the info at that's listed on their site but use the owners first name as the greeting and then use that same the same email templates we always talk about to recap there are two ways to find contact info for tiny local businesses or the Facebook sweep looking at their Facebook page and then to checking their yelp comments any questions feel free to reach out to me directly alex at inspired beats calm if you need more leads or sales support check out inspire beats they do lead generation for business-to-business companies hey thanks for watching the video if you liked these feel free to subscribe for more give it a thumbs up on youtube leave a comment below if you have any other questions and stick around on the channel for awhile here are two videos you might get some value from one is a cold email teardown of a tailoring company in new york city basically taking their horrible cold email asking if anyone had any clothes to alter at their shop and making it fantastic you can use a lot of those takeaways for selling to small businesses yourself the second one is how I made my first dollar selling to restaurants basically a quick story about how I made my first entrepreneurial dollar and it also goes into a little bit how I found the contact info of that rest if you're still interested in that topic anyways stick around for a while lots of cool videos here and subscribe and I will talk to you later

Thanks for your comment Dalton Narimatsu, have a nice day.
- Horacio Faux, Staff Member

Comment by Joan

demarcus brown how do you find the owner of an llc do you mind if i show you a really basic way to do it please okay so let's let's check this out so let's go to i'm gonna do a little screen share if you guys don't mind and i'm going to show you from a very if you don't even have the money to have any applications or anything like that there is this one magical thing called google it's pretty dope okay so let's check it out so let's take a property that i own in my llc okay i'll show you guys how simple this really can be um and the property address is 136 south 91st way so i'm going to pull that up i'm going to show you guys you know let's go to this property in mesa why is this cool little trailer you guys can see the house on the website today what's that so why did google have a picture of me with long hair in their website so you guys can you can see this is outdated but you can see that why this was such a good driving for a dollar's house right yeah look how crazy this could be like in a horror movie by the way look how freaking creepy that is you imagine walking through this at night time holy moly yeah but like what my question is is which which kid put the trike in there so this property i i went and built this house sold it on doesn't matter how i sold it but let's just go to this let's see um corporation commission let's do that yep or how about this maricopa county successor okay so let's find out who owns this property really simple maricopa county assessor's office and if i type in the address right here 91st way mesa what you're going to see is you're going to see it's going to pop up and oh did i screw up the did i type it incorrect incorrectly wow i'm stuck oh i see what jamil's saying funny guy all right so assessor boom zillow trulia maricopa county assessor's office right here let's pull this up and i'll show you guys that this property is actually owned by a company pj morby okay so pj morgan is virginia there's lemon and where's 91st there it is 91st so 136 91st way is owned by an llc so how do i how do i find who the owner of this little llc right here is if it's owned by an llc it's not owned by an individual well i click on the llc shows all the other properties that that one llc owns so then i go to a very simple place where would i go guys to find out where who the corporation commission okay cool so let's go back to google i'm just doing this for like showing you how easy this is and by the way pace just just for everybody out there batch skip tracing skip traces llc's i do i know i'm just showing people like even if you don't have an app it's there bat skip tracing is way easier than this we would have already been done but if you don't even have the money you want to go show it this is such a common question but maricopa county um oh wait that's not what i want i want corporation commission right yeah arizona corporation commission cool so arizona corporation commission it's so simple guys it's kind of it's kind of a cheat code now it's way better to be honest if you guys just go through batch driven or batch batch leads because i didn't have to go through all these steps but check it out here's the owner right there pace j morby very very simple then i s then i go through and skip trace that but why would you go through all those steps okay you see all the steps guys did that cost me any money nope that didn't cost me any money but now here's the challenge with that i have to now take that person's name and go skip trace them but if i just did it inside of batch leads dot io forward slash squad up i would have gotten that skip trace for free and i would have already had their name phone number and email all within about four or five seconds yep you

Thanks Joan your participation is very much appreciated
- Horacio Faux

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how to find contact info for an llc

how to find contact info for an llc