how to form a delaware llc online [Guide]

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Last updated : Sept 28, 2022
Written by : Elden Rabehl
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how to form a delaware llc online

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how to form a delaware llc online

Comment by Jonie Thibeaux

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Comment by Carroll

hello everyone i'm tamara with empower multimedia welcome to this simple and easy step to step tutorial on how to apply for an llc in the state of delaware make sure you stick around until the very end so you don't miss out on any tips on how to make applying easy firstly of course you need to choose a name for your llc to make sure your company's name is unique go to this page we will put all the links mentioned in the description down below to make this process easier for you tick the box that says you have read the disclaimer choose llc as entity kind choose how you want the end of the name to look i'll click llc and then write the name you desire make sure not to use the word bank in the name because that's not allowed but you can use words such as association or trust type the code from this image and click search you can reserve this name for 75 for up to 120 days after we get the name done you can click on this link which will open a three-page document in this document you will find most of the information you need for when you're first starting so firstly there's a letter that in summary explains that you need to pay a fee of 90 to send in your certificate of formation of an llc for every certified copy you need to pay 50 this document also talks about taxes as you can see annual taxes in the amount of 300 for the limited liability company are due by june 1st of each year when sending the certificate you also need to provide a cover letter with your contact information the second page is instructions on how exactly you need to fill out this certificate so like we explained the name needs to be exactly how you wish for it to appear on records and must include these words you need to list a registered agent which i will talk more about in the second part of this video finally this is the certificate you need to fill out it's very simple and short all you need to write down is the name of your llc the address of your registered agent and their name type the name of the person signing and then you will need to print this out and sign it and then you will need to mail it to this address along with the 90 and that's how to file for an llc in delaware simple and easy if you'd like to avoid doing everything yourself i will explain how to use a website that will guide you through all the steps which also offers dealing with your tax and legal documents and procedures so stick around for it and we will be doing that on this website again the link is in the description we click start your business and then after that start my llc again put your desired name in and click check availability insert delaware as your state of choice and we can click next again once our name is approved is available we can click on see how it works the first thing you will need to do is answer some questions about your business so let's click next again you will be asked to put in your email and you also have the option to put in your phone number but it's not required on the next page you will be asked when you want to start your business let's go with soon let's assume this is your first llc and click yes what will your company do i'm going to write food as an example but of course you can pick a category of choice from the drop down menu where will your company sell its products or services choose whichever one is right for you i will pick it in person here you can choose if you will accept cash payments as you can see these questions are very thorough to make sure you know exactly how you want your business to run we can go ahead and click yes on if your company will have employees in the first year of course you can also click no it's up to you now you see some essential information on what you will need to start your llc the first thing you will need is a registered agent and if you click on more info you will be able to read more about what exactly a registered agent is as you can see it is a requirement to specify an official address for the service of key documents including service of the legal process even though you can be your own registered agent there are some reasons on why it's better to outsource appointing a registered agent is legally required in most states in the state of delaware it must be a resident of delaware you can continue with legal zoom or you can also point a different ra if you go to this link and choose one of your own liking after which you can provide details to legalzoom or you can go with the one provided on legalzoom of course to form an llc you need to pay a fee and here you will find three different plans i will skip over reading the exact details of each plan but you can find everything that is included in each one if you just scroll down make sure to read thoroughly and choose whichever one suits all your needs i'll pick the complete coverage operating agreement ein plus licenses for 199. this is a one-time payment again you can click no thanks i'll take care of this on my own but these plans do provide full coverage of documents and information on law compliance that as a first timer you will probably benefit from now clicking on these included trials means you will have a free trial of these services such as how to stay compliant with the laws of delaware to keep your company in good standing this will be free for 10 days and then you will be automatically billed at 280 dollars per year and you can cancel online or by calling in for this i will click take my included trial furthermore as complicated as taxes are if you need any help with them you can choose to pay extra and this is an annual plan as well for now i'll choose tax prep essentials plan again if you scroll down you can see what each of these plans covers you have another included free trial which is legal protect plan after 10 days you will automatically be billed 49 per month finally the three options for starting your llc will be express gold which is the fastest one if you're in a rush to get started if you choose standard that will take 10 business days so two weeks and you can also go for the economy which is the most budget-friendly and get it completed in 20 business days so 4 weeks choose the option you prefer based on your time and budgetary requirements after that all that's left to do is pay and wait you can always contact customer service here in the corner if you have any questions that weren't explained in the descriptions of plans etc review your order click checkout and note that llc setup costs are tax deductible fill in all your payment details and information and click agree and pay now and you will be all set and ready to go thank you for watching the video if you found this video helpful please subscribe share like and comment if you have any recommendations for future videos post them in the comments see you next time

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how to form a delaware llc online

how to form a delaware llc online