how to get a cheap llc [With Tuto]

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Last updated : Sept 19, 2022
Written by : Rob Lingle
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how to get a cheap llc

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how to get a cheap llc

Comment by Boris Chasey

congratulations on wanting to start a new business so i don't want to see you paying for these things even though others try to upcharge you so you can get an ein an employer identification number for free also you can file your llc as s-corp status for free and that's a special tax status that you can get that can save you a lot of money down the line also banking resolution templates you can find that online as well as the banking resolution templates you can find business contract templates as well as the operating agreement online plus the business plan which is going to help you get everything organized so get your free things don't pay for them and thanks for coming to darcy's business

Thanks for your comment Boris Chasey, have a nice day.
- Rob Lingle, Staff Member

Comment by Nellie

shauna okay i'm gonna walk you through how to file for an llc in the cheapest way possible that's key cheapest so here's the thing when i say chief is because no matter what state you're in when following for a llc you will have to pay a state filing fee there is no way around that because the government won't day money so yeah uh but some states are cheaper than others unfortunately i if you see right here the cost for falling around is the estimate around in your state fortunately like texas is high it's like 300 dollars for to form your llc but other states it's as low as 50 bucks so lucky you here's the thing there's two ways to file for your llc one you can do it all yourself and not go through any kind of company to help you do it you can go to file do file out your application yourself you can uh be your own registrary agent which i do not recommend because when you're being your own registering agent that mean any important documents of course go to you which you're like okay but your address your living address is public domain any and everybody knows where you live so you'll be hit with a lot of spam uh mail uh and it's just actually not unsafe like say if you have a stalker they could like look up where you live it's just not good so that's why typically you want to go through a company who gives you who provides you with a registering agent that way they can receive all your documents and they just be like yo uh you need to do this we got this paperwork you need to do that it's easier doing it that way but you could do it yourself and it could that could be the cheapest way or you could go through a company and have them do it for you typically companies charge you to do it through them but being as i am who i am i found the company that don't charge you anything for the first year cool beings right so that's who i'm gonna walk you through uh going through an actual company to file your llc link is down below if you want a direct link to them if you're like yeah i've been wanting to start one or i'm thinking about starting one especially if you're in a state like california where it's like what fifty seventy dollars start your llc why not uh so if you go to uh ink file let me get this ready real quick uh let's not make this a long video i like my videos like that okay so you go to eek file you want to say i am i want to form my llc you go okay they take you and be like okay i want to form my llc what state do i live in uh i'm going to pick i'm just going to pick what state we going i'm just say california so yeah 75 for california okay so 75 is the state fee as you'll see down below it says state fee texas if i put texas on here oh yeah i don't even understand that hurt when i had to do that one if i put texas on here 300 but their fee is zero dollars now you're like oh well there's these other plans wait let me go back to california real quick seeing that three hundred dollars bring back some bad memories uh but uh you're like oh there's other plans anytime people do plans like oh the smallest paying package always go for the smallest one because that's typically what you need all other stuff is probably them just trying to sell you something so like if you look at smaller packages say it prepares prepares and the following articles of organization you do need that if you like any business or llc you need that and also you use that if you want to get a bank account a businessman account no okay so and then unlimited name searches because you want to make sure that the name you pick is available your business name uh and then a free registering agent for one year that is the key for one year i think after the year's up it's like 119 but hey hopefully that year your business has made at least 119 dollars right so over here in the second package you'll see something oh for just 240 224 dollars we'll get you a a um ein number no never do that ein numbers are free you can always go to irs and apply for ein number for free never let somebody charge you to do that then it says oh we can open it we also if we let us buy this package we'll open your business bank account you can do that yourself don't worry about all that other stuff this is them this is how they make their money son so we're just going to go to the smallest package the 75 package be cut well whatever state you live in ain't gonna be 75 but okay i'm putting some random number okay so hopefully i put in james smith hopefully there's no actual james smith blah blah blah but it doesn't matter because it's not like when i actually submit it okay and then i'll put some random number maybe i should just you know i'll put some random number uh and then address okay so check i'ma press next but technically there's a way where you can like say i live in texas is 300 i could file my company in like louisiana wears cheaper i'm arresting my company in louisiana where it's cheaper and but there's a whole nother inner workings that's how like the higher-ups be tending to do it like to save money but we're gonna keep it simple so you'll start at this point where okay that's the price seventy five dollars you're like cool i can come up with seventy five dollars and start my business become a llc but uh then it'll be like oh you wanna express they're to start hitting you with trying to sell you things just say no to all of them no i want it within three weeks if you're oppressed for time then whatevs but no then it says oh business address we're gonna click no because it automatically put it on business address i know you're like wait it just jumped up money no it's gonna try to give you a business address no uh you're gonna use your address now remember they're gonna give you a registering agent so don't worry say your business name is since i'm talking about notaries on my channel uh we're going to say your business name is notary boss because we boss is up in here uh and then here's the thing about this when you start doing these like this is what's going to follow behind your your business name where you start doing that like all those wait hold on let me see so if you see right here if you start doing all of this kind of stuff like these you you're complicating stuff like if you put these behind your business name simply if i'm i'm not telling you what to do but the simplest thing is to just do that so if your business name is is notary boss just put notary balls l llc i mean well llc all that extra stuff i mean you can't it's up to you it's not me it's you it's up to you but i say keep it simple keep it as simple as possible because the more you confuse things the more harder things are down in future so uh llc we're just going to keep it simple notary boss llc uh it's not going to have your industry on there if you're a notary boss but whatever industry you in pick your industry since i'm saying i'm an understanding agent we're we're not on there so you're like well what i'll put right here in this section just put a disc brief description of what your business is for like if you don't understand agents just put something like that to perform legal services keep it simpl

Thanks Nellie your participation is very much appreciated
- Rob Lingle

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