how to get a free llc for veterans nj donation [New Info]

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Last updated : Aug 30, 2022
Written by : Janine Wilfinger
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how to get a free llc for veterans nj donation

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how to get a free llc for veterans nj donation

Comment by Lane Chock

what's good it's creative here back with another vid d oh so guys today i'm gonna be talking about how you can get your llc for free using i'm literally gonna take you from start to finish i'm gonna make i already filed for my llc but i'm gonna go make mike jones llc so you guys can see the entire process and stick around to the end because i'm gonna tell you what to expect after you file with ink file and what you can expect and what you need to do on your end to make sure that everything goes smoothly and that you're not wasting your time so thank you guys for watching and let's get into the video so what happens is you get to the ink file home page it's the first thing here it says launch my business you click on launch my business it's going to take you to the first page of the process um so the entity type like we said we're talking about llc so we're going to change the entity type to llc and the state formation of state of formation i'm in new york so we are going to choose new york all right so now you see i told you it was free and it is free and i want to talk to you about what it means to be free to register your llc so the silver package is the free package which is zero dollars now you see the state fee is 205 dollars for new york state new york state is on the high end so no matter who what service you go through no matter what you want to do you are you have to pay your state fee there's no way around it trust me i did a lot of research but you have to pay your state fee what is free is the process of forming your llc so like the gold package is 149 i checked the lingua legal zoom i think their lowest package was seventy five dollars to to format your llc so ink files like you're doing it for a hundred percent free so while it says 205 dollars here you're not paying for any fees for the services so it's free i took a list i made a list of states that we're just going to go with the silver package but like if you live in states like arizona iowa arkansas kentucky colorado michigan hawaii mississippi missouri montana new mexico your state fees are under 50 so it's really not bad and then if you live in california in a few other states they're under a hundred [ __ ] that's not good so now what you need to do is i recommend that you have your ein before you file for your llc um it's super simple you can get it like pretty much instantly um and the they're like charging you seventy dollars where you can get the ein for free so for me i mean for your state obviously like i said i'm basing this on new york state you would just put ein for whatever your state is nys is just short for ny state um you would it takes you to the government website and it's just really simple for you to go through and create ein for free so don't pay a service to do that all this stuff i said no things i would pass on this opportunity because again i'm teaching you how to do this for free so i'm gonna be the only member of this llc so which is nice you can just click on this information and it pre-loads it for you so like i said it's important to enter your information correctly the first time so that you can go through this process smoothly so yeah so we're going to go ahead and save and we're going to hit next because i'm mike jones is going to be the 100 owner so for the register agent so let me talk to you guys about what a registered agent is a registered agent receives and forwards important legal and tax correspondence on the behalf of the company so if you have something like god forbid you had something happen and someone tried to sue you or whatever you don't want to be responsible and again i'm not telling you what to do i'm just telling you what i've done in my experience i don't want to be responsible to have to handle that kind of stuff so for inkfile they will give you um be a registered agent free for the first year that gives you time to get your money up so if you do need to pay for a registered agent or if you you learn more after the fact and decide that you want to be your own registered agent or you get a accountant or whatever you can change that but for the first year they give you the service for free so i chose to use their free service for the register agent all right so now this part is where you get to the ein partner so this is where like i said you need to have your ein prior to doing this um so that you don't have to pay the 70 dollars for something that's literally free um so you say no i don't need inc file to obtain my ein so we can continue this to be a free service and like i said your ein is pretty much like your business social security number um so after this um this is like they're giving you an offer to set up a business bank account through bank of america i personally am not going to use them because they charge monthly fees i did find a bank that did not charge monthly fees i'm not going to say which bank but ultimately i think you should do your research on that to find a business bank account that's going to work for your needs um so i just selected not at this time and continued on with the process okay so i did electronic delivery again that's free as long as you make sure you like i said enter your information properly the first time you'll get get it directly to your email and they'll send you other correspondence that's actually really helpful and not just like annoying mail that you have to unsubscribe from um so the free tax consultation i selected yes for this it was free 30 minutes that they set up and there a number is going to call you um let me see if i can have the phone number here still it was uh i think it was from bountiful utah it was a 385 number that's the number that called me to set up that tax consultation so if you see that number answer the phone very very helpful um it really answered a lot of my questions because my llc is going to be for a business um econ business interior design and for my youtube channel so they answered a lot of questions that i had so it was really really really great and it's free all right so let's see here yes so now this is they're letting you know that you need two other licenses for your state um to do business now this part um again i wouldn't pay them to do it because this literally cost like i think it cost me like 19 18 to get my business license and a few other things so again this is state specific so look into what your state requires for you to run a business and don't let me don't just go off what i'm telling you about filing your llc so again this is to get it for free so we're going to skip over this and say no thanks i'll work on it myself all right so at this point you're pretty much there like literally you want to make sure again make sure a hundred percent that the information that you put here is correct because once you file for your llc you cannot change it and with the service is great they give you 24 hours after filing to go over the information make sure everything is correct and if you need to go back and change something you have 24 hours to do so all right and here we are we're at the final page of the proces

Thanks for your comment Lane Chock, have a nice day.
- Janine Wilfinger, Staff Member

Comment by PlaccineeW

congratulations on wanting to start a new business so i don't want to see you paying for these things even though others try to upcharge you so you can get an ein an employer identification number for free also you can file your llc as s-corp status for free and that's a special tax status that you can get that can save you a lot of money down the line also banking resolution templates you can find that online as well as the banking resolution templates you can find business contract templates as well as the operating agreement online plus the business plan which is going to help you get everything organized so get your free things don't pay for them and thanks for coming to darcy's business

Thanks PlaccineeW your participation is very much appreciated
- Janine Wilfinger

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how to get a free llc for veterans nj donation

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how to get a free llc for veterans nj donation

how to get a free llc for veterans nj donation