how to get copy of llc certificate [Detailed Response]

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Last updated : Sept 23, 2022
Written by : Karrie Altier
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how to get copy of llc certificate

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how to get copy of llc certificate

Comment by Elfreda Serum

how can i find documents for my llc or ein first off i'm not your lawyer i'm not your attorney i'm not your cpa i'm just providing generally available information from my years of experience uh second like subscribe comment below if you're getting value out of this video um so i didn't really know how to answer this question from the perspective of just someone that doesn't know where their documents are or someone that's a customer of ours so if someone is a better legal customer and they just don't know where their documents are you just go to click log in go to your live dashboard you can see all of the information that we have you can change that information if you don't like the name of your business anymore you can just change it in the field there it will pop up a prompt that says this is how you change the name we'll do it for you here's the price here's the state filing fee here's a little bit more information and then you can just boom take care of it you want to add a new manager operator to the business you want to remove a member of the business you want to change your address you can do all that you want to find your ein it's already there uh all of the information let's say you are with us for 10 years and you make a lot of changes uh to the legal documents and whatever it will all be there in perpetuity so we'll have a log of all that so if you use us you don't really have to worry about that because you can just go to the website log in we've always got it but if you just lost your information that's more complicated uh if it's a state-related thing it's not that bad you just go to secretary of state's website again you can go to and look under resources there's a name search thing and it'll show you all 50 states and links to where you can do the name search most states will have the pdf of the original paper filing on file and they'll be public so you can actually go find anybody's llc um as long as the state supports this and just type in the name of the business your business and uh once you get there you just download the pdf that's the original filing will be public most of the time so that's how you get the llc document from the state um if you can't find it you can always call the the secretary of state they're there to help you i will say that they are sometimes on the website it's not updated i have called myself uh the new york secretary of state waited on the phone for an hour i said hey have faxed this document to you and they said what fax did you use and i said i gave gave them the number and they said oh that's not the right fact somewhere i said it's on your website they go yeah it just hasn't been updated in a while that's just how these government entities are and this is why it's such a pain and why it's so beneficial to you someone like us better legal uh if you so so yeah you can just call the secretary of state you'll wait on the phone for a little bit uh same with the irs the irs is a lot harder because it's a lot bigger organization than any of the states uh you're gonna get you're gonna usually have to fax them they love faxing and so if you fax them it's going to take weeks so you got to figure out exactly what you're going to fax them maybe it's a request for information for your uh ein number that you lost you know maybe just go look at old tax records if you can if you can think of where those are otherwise you have to do a request for information it's a fax it's going to take six to eight weeks and you're just gonna have to wait and so that's a big pain so anyway hopefully that was useful if you found it useful like subscribe uh comment share get an llc from better legal tell a friend to get an llc from better legal you can actually go to forward slash referrals and become an affiliate referral even if you're not a customer of ours and you will be able to give a hundred dollar discount to any of your friends or family and once they buy we will then send you 100 check in the mail how can we afford to do that well it's actually less expensive to do that it's more profitable for us to do that and share the wealth with your friend and you than it is to get a customer from google ads we spend hundreds of thousands of dollars a month on google ads and um other billion dollar tech companies uh to earn business and so we'd rather you spread the wealth and i'll share it with you so uh you can do that and that's it until next time

Thanks for your comment Elfreda Serum, have a nice day.
- Karrie Altier, Staff Member

Comment by Elvera

notaries are often asked to perform copy certifications an official notarial act affirming that a photocopy of an original document is a true and accurate reproduction of the original copy certifications are often performed on contracts letters settlement statements agreements and bills of sale copy certifications aren't complicated but some states prohibit them and others have specific requirements so here's what you need to know when a customer presents a set of documents for copy certification your first step is to make sure the document can be copy certified many states prohibit them on things like birth death and marriage records passports and identification documents if you're not sure check your state's rules or call the nna hotline if the document can be copy certified your second step is to closely compare the original to the copy to confirm they are identical in some cases you may be asked to make a copy of the original document yourself examine the documents closely even if you make the copy third once you verify the documents are identical attach the proper notarial certificate to the copy which states that the copy is true accurate and complete then create your journal record per state regulations to learn more check out the links in the description below or watch our other notary training videos here on youtube don't forget to like and subscribe

Thanks Elvera your participation is very much appreciated
- Karrie Altier

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how to get copy of llc certificate

how to get copy of llc certificate